Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 1/15/15

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 1/15/15


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Chad: I think that went well.

Kate: Yeah. Yes, that was a thrill a minute. What are you doing?

Chad: You mind telling me what that little show down at the hospital was today?

Kate: What show?

Chad: The one where you got the media to appoint your little hillbilly boyfriend as the patron saint of salem.

Kate: I have no idea what you're talking about.

Chad: So you haven't seen the online stories about Clyde's selfless contribution to Jordan's charity project?

Kate: Oh, my-- and if you think he's gonna be happy about me having a hand in what happened, then you don't know him at all.

Chad: Oh, nice try, because I watched you pushing the reporters to identify the mystery donor.

Kate: To protect the hospital. I'm a board member. So are you.

Chad: Protect it from what?

Kate: From that do-gooder scheme that's the brainchild-- and I'm using the word "brain" advisedly--of those two airheads who could barely run a hair dryer together.

Chad: That's enough. Jordan is not an airhead, and neither is Abigail. This project is going forward. In fact, it would not even exist if it weren't for Jordan. It was her idea.

Kate: Please. If that woman ever had an idea, it would die of loneli--

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