Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 1/13/15

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 1/13/15


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Clyde: Uh, well, sir, I'm a man of few regrets. But out of curiosity, to which move would you be referring?

Victor: Everybody knows who runs the trucking business in Salem.

Clyde: No mystery there.

Victor: It is my business. Mine! I have been running it for decades. Do you understand me?

Clyde: Oh, I do. And I think it's about time for a change. Time for some new blood.

Victor: I'm aware that you run a two-bit trucking operation in ass-bend, Missouri.

Clyde: That's Popular Bluff, sir.

Victor: But if you think you can come up here and bluff your way into my territory--

Clyde: Oh, I'm not bluffing my way into anything.

Victor: Oh? Well, then you're delusional.

Clyde: You know, I learned early on that if people get worked up over a little healthy competition, they usually have reason to worry.

Victor: Competition? If you don't realize that you're out of your league, you're in a lot more trouble than I thought you were.

Clyde: Like I said before, I'm a humble man just trying to make a living for myself and my family. But I think there's a need out there for someone like me.

Victor: A hillbilly.

Clyde: No, sir, a man of the people. I've spoken to a good many of your customers, and frankly they just don't seem to be as satisfied as they used to be. I liken it to a neglected housewife who's looking for someone who'd just be a wee bit more attentive to their needs.

Victor: You keep pushing, Weston, and their needs are gonna be the least of your concerns.

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