Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 1/5/15

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 1/5/15


Provided By Wanda

Nicole: Serena, don't start with your half-baked psychobabble. You don't know a thing about me.

Serena: Oh, actually I know more than I want to.

Nicole: Really?

Serena: When we bumped into each other at the hospital--

Nicole: You bumped into me--

Serena: I introduced myself, you deliberately didn't tell me who you were.

Nicole: Oh, please, so what?

Serena: Because, right then and there, you were threatened. 'Cause you knew how much Eric felt for me, that's why you looked me up. That's why you searched through my hotel room, searched through my emails--

Nicole: Which were boring, by the way.

Serena: But it told you exactly how I felt about you. I may not have known your face or known your name, but I've known for a long time that you're some piece of work.

Nicole: Mm-hmm.

Serena: Eric loved you all those years ago, and you came back into his life when he was a priest, and then he was disgraced, and you could have cleared his name, but what did you do? You lied, you withheld evidence that he needed, because you wanted him all to yourself because you loved him, oh, so much. Well I got news for ya, Nicole, that--that is not love, that is just you being... I guess, you...selfish to the core.

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