Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 12/30/14

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 12/30/14


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Kate: Women were making a fool of you. You have undervalued yourself.

Chad: Your concern is touching.

Kate: Look, we can't afford to be distracted. To have you distracted.

Chad: I almost believe you.

Kate: You know those little girls? They were tying you up in knots and you let them do it.

Chad: Ancient history!

Kate: Girls like Melanie--I wish it were! Girls like Melanie and--and Abigail, they should be fighting to be near you. It shouldn't be the opposite.

Chad: Okay, you need to stop. Now. All right, you don't know me, or my situation--

Kate: Yes, but what I do know about you is that you faked a brain tumor to eliminate the competition.

Chad: Who told you that?

Kate: Sami told me that.

Chad: This is none of your business.

Kate: This is literally my business. You are my partner. Everything you do impacts our work.

Chad: Stay out of my personal life, Kate, or I'm going to make you regret it.

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