Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 12/16/14

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 12/16/14


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Melanie: Uh, so what's the next step? Should I get the physical exam out of the way?

Anne: Why--why would you do that?

Melanie: Because it's a requirement. Although I guess you do it closer to the day you're starting. Do you know what--what day I'm gonna be starting?

Anne: Well, let's see. How about you start on the 12th? Of never.

Melanie: What are you... what are you talking about? The website said you needed nurses, I used to work here, so I'm more than qualified.

Anne: Well, yeah, that's your opinion. Frankly, I--I doubt it, but okay, let's just say, let's just say you are at least a nurse.

Melanie: What's going on?

Anne: Well, your records never made it here from England. I don't know, maybe they were lost in--in translation. You know what I mean?

Melanie: That's cute. This is cute. I'm gonna make a call and I'm gonna get 'em over here in five minutes.

Anne: Yeah, you could. But why bother? It's--it's too late.

Melanie: What?

Anne: It's too late for you, Ms. Jonas.

Melanie: Are you playing a game?

Anne: Game? Honey, I'm just working.

Melanie: You're enjoying this?

Anne: Look, don't take it personally. Something you may not know, there is a hospital-wide hiring freeze in effect right now.

Melanie: Then why would they be appealing for nurses on the website?

Anne: I--darling, I don't do websites, I do real work, including implementing this hiring freeze.

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