Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 12/15/14

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 12/15/14


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Anne: Look, honey, if you want to give orders, you can talk to, say, that wall. I make decisions. I decide who gets an office, and I decide where that office is going to be. So take it or leave it. It's no skin off my nose or any other part of my amazing body.

Serena: It's a shame you weren't informed, 'cause it would have saved us both some time and you some embarrassment.

Anne: What the hell are you talking about? Why would I be embarrassed?

Serena: The organization that's funding my research... Had everything in writing before the project was approved. They're making a large financial contribution to University Hospital.

Anne: Wow.

Serena: But it comes with certain stipulations.

Anne: Okay. Nice try. Still ain't gonna get you out my basement.

Serena: For instance...

Anne: Mm-hmm.

Serena: It says right here that my office shall be on this floor, right down the hall from the research library, because I'll be going in and out so much.

Anne: Now, this contract can say anything it wants. Yet again, I make decisions.

Serena: Wow. Oh, okay, I guess you're in charge.

Anne: Finally. Thank you, right?

Serena: Just so you know... Please don't worry. When I have lunch tomorrow with Seth Burns, the hospital administrator, I'll be sure to explain to him why the contribution is being withdrawn. Also, I'll speak to Dr. Kayla Brady, who happens to be a really good friend of mine, and I will make sure I point out to both of them that you were just doing your job. So no hard feelings. Thanks for your time.

Anne: Oh, wait, wait. I just remembered. There is actually an empty office on this floor. Why didn't you remind me? What kind of an assistant are you, anyway? That guy, down the hall-- the guy, he moved last week, and she can just go right into there.

Theresa: Yeah.

Serena: So my office is going to be on this floor. Wonderful. I'm so glad that it's all taken care of,

Anne: Yes, well, like you said, I'm just doing my job.

Serena: Good.

Anne: Okay.

Serena: Why don't you run and get me my office key before I leave?

Anne: Of course.

Theresa: I hope you handle that other redheaded bitch a little better than that.

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