Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 11/12/14

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 11/12/14


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Aiden: Thank God chase was a heavy sleeper. Guess he had to be, you know. I mean, every time he went to bed, Meredith and I would start with the screaming and the yelling and... although, this time, he woke up... from the sirens. He was crying, you know, as... as if he already knew.

Hope: Did he see her? Did he see his mom?

Aiden: No. No, when the emergency crews got there, I... was holding him. It's all I could do, is just hold him. Finally, my sister got there. She... she took him away, so then the police could interview me and... deal with Meredith's body. They let me go the next morning. There were no--no charges... although...

Hope: Though, what?

Aiden: Well, when the police first got there, things looked pretty bad for me. Um... look, I'm an attorney. I know exactly what not to do. I didn't protect myself... and I should have... for Chase's sake, you know, but I-I-I couldn't help myself. You know, yeah... I tried stopping the bleeding. Then I quickly realized it was hopeless, you know. So I... I was holding Meredith, and I took the gun from her hand, and I put it down. Now my prints were all over it. But I just kept thinking-- you know, I just kept thinking that I didn't--

Hope: You didn't want her to die alone.

Aiden: You know, she... she looked up at me... and her last words to me, to anyone... "I hate you." I just kept holding her and... saw the light go out. Just sitting there, thinking... "this is what it's come to." You know, it's... it's sad. I feel like part of me died too.

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