Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 8/15/14

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 8/15/14


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Kate: What does that mean, Sami needs to realize how much she stands to lose? Are you talking about your storied love affair, because that is long over if it ever existed.

EJ: I'm not talking about me, Kate. I'm talking about my father.

Kate: Yes, well, everyone knows he's a crusty old bastard. That's why I told her not to incite him any further.

EJ: Right, because stealing the company out from under him, that wasn't enough?

Kate: Mm. Well, you know, he needs to understand that that is just business.

EJ: Except when it's not.

Kate: Well, unfortunately, hell hath no fury like Samantha Brady scorned, and she does seem to really favor a take-no-prisoners approach when it comes to anything DiMera.

EJ: You know, you might want to have a little heart-to-heart with you friend, because if Samantha continues down this road, you're both going to end up with nothing.

Kate: I can handle Stefano.

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