Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 5/6/14

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 5/6/14


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Nick: The whole family thinks you're so perfect. Such a saint. If only they knew the truth.

Abigail: What truth?

Nick: That perfect little Abigail Deveraux... is nothing but EJ DiMera's... whore.

Abigail: Stop it, Nick. Stop laughing at me!

Nick: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, just it-- it kind of seems like-- like you've--like you've never slapped anybody before in your entire life.

Abigail: Well, you call me EJ's whore again, and I bet you I can get it right next time.

Nick: Okay, not a whore. Whores get paid. And don't try to tell me that EJ took advantage of you, because I saw the pictures. Okay? You couldn't get his clothes off fast enough. Man, if our family saw those photos, it'd do some serious damage to your saintly reputation.

Abigail: I never pretended to be a saint.

Nick: No. But you're better than me. Right? Always better than me. Just like Will. But you know what? At least I owned what I did. I served my time. I didn't let the Bradys cover up what I did like Will, and I don't pretend to be something that I'm not. Like you do. Oh, my God. All I could think of when I saw those photos was that, if grandma Horton saw them, she-- She would-- she would be rolling in her grave.

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