Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 4/3/14

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 4/3/14


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Caroline: Robert could spin a yarn. He was Irish, of course, you know--a touch of blarney. And James could have finished every sentence, 'cause he'd heard it all before. But he would laugh. And that laugh would just fill the pub. Then one day... Robert came in alone, and then he sat at the bar. And Shawn set up their special drink, and I was just about to ask, "where's James?" And then James came in with some people and... and sat at a table... and not a word to Robert... like he didn't even know him. And these people-- they were calling him Jimmy. We never called him jimmy. He was James, you know? And Robert... was sitting at the bar and never turned around. And he poured James' beer... and then he poured his own. And then he just... the beer just sat. And Robert sat... looking at it. Then it hit me. That was James' family. Then I knew for the first time for sure that they were gay. Me--I never cared. But it never occurred to me... what it cost them. I don't know which one of them broke my heart most. But in the end, I knew who the real loser was. It was that family... 'cause Jimmy--he didn't laugh. He barely spoke. Their son, brother, was a stranger to them. So, when Will and Sonny came to me, I knew that they were nervous. But I said to myself, "hallelujah! This is a world where we can really know who our precious boys are, and they can really love each other and be who they are." Congratulations, Will... and Sonny. I wish you a lifetime of laughter... and finishing each other's sentences.

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