Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 3/5/14

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 3/5/14


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Sami: I was trying to be nice. I mean, I was just trying to get her to cheer the hell up!

Hope: I understand that, but you do not cheer up a little girl by throwing nearly $4,000 worth of jewelry at her.

Sami: With any other little girl, I would agree with you. But obviously, that is the only way to cheer up miss Ciara Brady. I mean, it was the only thing I could do to wipe the scowl off her face.

Hope: My daughter does not scowl.

Sami: Well, she hasn't been smiling a lot lately, has she? And what is the big deal, hope? I mean, you grew up with lots of expensive things. Didn't your dad give you all sorts of bling when you were a kid?

Hope: Okay, stop, stop! Just stop right there, okay? Because that is completely irrelevant, because I'm not raising my daughter that way. Samantha, I am asking you. Please, if you're going to spend time with my daughter, then please respect the values that I, her mother, am so desperately trying to instill in her, okay?

Sami: Instead of riding me about this, Hope, why don't you take a teensy bit of responsibility for your daughter's behavior? I mean, why don't you ask yourself why she was so greedy that she was dragging me to Baron's in the first place? I should be grateful, you know? I mean, I could've ended up at Tiffany's, for God's sake! I mean, you just--oh! Sorry! How about that? I mean, I would offer to cover it, but it would give her another reason to yell at me.

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