Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 2/7/14

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 2/7/14


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Nicole: Well, hit him up with another injection then.

Daniel: Okay, shh. You need to pay attention to me, Dr. Chyka. You have no choice. You answer my questions. Everything I ask requires a response, isn't that true?

Chyka: Yes.

Daniel: I can't hear you.

Chyka: Yes!

Daniel: Now I want you to put everything out of your mind and you focus on what I say. Only what I say.

Chyka: I will.

Daniel: Now what exactly did Kristen DiMera pay you to do?

Chyka: I was tasked with creating a very specific drug cocktail for a very specific purpose.

Daniel: And that was?

Chyka: Part one was a sedative to insure compliance. And part two was a memory suppressor.

Daniel: And the third part?

Chyka: A powerful aphrodisiac. So strong as to erase any resistance to sexual desire.

Daniel: Were you told who this drug cocktail was for?

Chyka: I was. Father Eric Brady.

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