Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 2/5/14

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 2/5/14


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Nicole: I wouldn't move. I wouldn't even twitch. When I get nervous, I have a tendency to clench my fist, and my finger's on the trigger. You get the picture?

Daniel: We got some catching up to do, Dr. Duvall. Or is it Dr. Jakub Chyka? That is your name, right?

Nicole: I don't think he feels very chatty.

Daniel: Well, maybe we should catch him up to speed. Should I go first? Should I start?

Nicole: Sure.

Daniel: All right. Well, you, you have a history. You have a very unique history of developing highly sophisticated drugs. And since you destroyed my research on all of them, I can only assume that you are the one who supplied Kristen DiMera with the drugs that she used on father Eric Brady. How am I doing so far?

Nicole: I think he's sulking.

Daniel: Hmm.

Nicole: I hate people who sulk. It's petty, self-centered. He needs to learn how to share. Maybe I should just shoot him.

Daniel: Well, let's hold off on that.

Nicole: How about one? One, just right in the foot.

Daniel: No, we don't want to rush things here.

Nicole: Oh, well, there's six bullets. We'll have plenty left.

Daniel: Okay, yeah. Let's--let's just put this down right now, 'cause we--we don't want to make any mistakes. 'Cause see, the thing is, guys sometimes, they like to hold off, prove their manhood a little bit, you know? But we got time.

Nicole: Yeah, we can just shoot him later.

Daniel: Eh, true.

Nicole: But we're not gonna wait all day. I owe this son of a bitch some payback. You remember Father Eric, don't you, hmm? The priest whose life you ruined? The man you tried to kill when you tied us up in the basement and turned the gas on? You don't remember. Doesn't ring a bell. How about this?

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