Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 11/18/13

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 11/18/13


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Justin: I helped you orchestrate a hostile takeover of your father's company. My wife seems to remind me of that on a daily basis. And how conveniently I forgot that Stefano could've taken his revenge on me and my entire family. And do you know what I got for that?

EJ: A tremendous amount of money.

Justin: The privilege of defending Sami for murder and having you lie to me every step of the way during the trial. And then, I got to watch you give Stefano back everything I helped you take from him.

EJ: I had to protect Samantha, Justin.

Justin: Oh, yes. Your protective nature almost got Sami a guilty verdict. And if you think I don't know why Stefano has control of the company again, you grossly underestimated my intelligence. Bernardi was on Stefano's payroll. Sami killed the man that your father sent to kill Rafe.

EJ: This is not about the trial, nor is it about Samantha.

Justin: So what? It's all just water under the bridge? Who cares if somebody else is raising Marge Bernardi's son because she's in prison? What does it matter that your little brother almost died because she shot him trying to get at you? Or that my marriage almost blew up because of my involvement with you?

EJ: I'm gonna take it that's a "No."

Justin: EJ, I spent these last couple months getting reacquainted with my integrity. Find yourself another guy.

EJ: That won't be hard.

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