Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 11/8/13

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 11/8/13


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Kristen: Oh, you didn't know. What, did that DVD just magically appear one day? What happened to the guy that's supposed to operate the equipment, Marlena? Are we gonna find him bound and gagged in a room?

Brady: Let's just step back for a minute.

Kristen: How could we possibly step back, Brady? Don't you see her-- what she's willing to do to ruin our happiness? She would even use her own son--

Marlena: I didn't know!

Kristen: Oh, you did know! Yes, you did! How did you do it? What did you do, Marlena? Did--did you hire actors that look like us? Did you do some crazy kind of Photoshop?

Marlena: No. That was you! And--

Kristen: Right. Like that's really gonna happen. I'm gonna hop in the sack with your son, the priest. And it's completely believable that your son, the priest, is gonna hop in bed with me, right? Not just any woman either-- no, the woman that's about to marry his brother. Oh, I knew you were sick. But I had no idea how sick you were, that you would use your own son that way.

Marlena: Stop saying that!

Kristen: You know what, Marlena? If you're gonna create a lie like this, you better hope to God it's at least a little feasible, just a little bit.

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