Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 7/5/13

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 7/5/13


Provided By Wanda

Anne: Human resources is my domain, Jennifer.

Jennifer: Really? I didn't know that.

Anne: Let me finish. And because I take my position very seriously, I also take it very personally that you overstepped your bounds regarding a recent decision I made.

Jennifer: No, I didn't overstep your bounds, and you know I didn't. I followed procedure to the letter.

Anne: Right, of course you did, of course you did. What was I thinking? 'Cause you're always crossing your "T's and dotting your "I's. I mean, that's just who you are.

Jennifer: Now you've just completely contradicted yourself. Is this a little early dementia, Anne?

Anne: That's-- my God, who knew you were so witty?

Jennifer: I know, right?

Anne: Yeah.

Jennifer: See you later.

Anne: So, Jenn, your son... is he a chip off the old block?

Jennifer: What kind of question is that?

Anne: I don't know, just wondering...if he is always following the rules. You know, like his mommy.

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