Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 6/11/13

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 6/11/13


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Kristen: Stay away from Brady.

Nicole: You stay away from Brady. You shredded him, now let him be.

Kristen: Let him be with you, you mean.

Nicole: Well, if anyone can make him forget you ever existed, yeah, that would be me. Oh!

Kristen: Don't even think about it. Listen, I mean it! You stay away from Brady or I'm gonna make you wish you had.

Nicole: You are so full of it. This isn't the first time that we've compared histories, okay? I'm--I'm surprised that we're--we're not closer. We have so much in common it's amazing.

Kristen: Well, except for our I.Q. scores maybe.

Nicole: Oh, w-- there's one very important distinction though. See, EJ and especially Brady, they knew about your past and they elected to believe that you changed. They had your word that your days of locking people in secret rooms and faking pregnancies and using doppelgangers were far behind you--

Kristen: You know, you're such a hypocrite.

Nicole: Really? Am I? Look who's talking.

Kristen: Yeah, you know you really are. Brady told me all about your little shenanigans. I mean, honestly, if anything you just--you just tore a page out of my playbook.

Nicole: Yeah, that's exactly what I'm talking about. That's the point. And that is where the very important distinction comes in. Because Brady has always been by my side. You wanna know why? Because I've always been honest with him. And Brady can handle a lot, but he hates deception. He hates it.

Kristen: Then he's really gonna hate it when he finds out that you're just using him. Aren't you just using him to suppress the sick feelings you have for his stud/priest brother? Maybe we should tell the whole world, huh, what you'd rather be doing with that particular man of God.

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