Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 5/20/13

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 5/20/13


Provided By Wanda

Gabi: Nick, what's going on?

Jensen: Nick, you better tell your wifey how this is all gonna go down, how you're gonna put smiles on those pretty faces and do exactly what it is that I tell you to do. 'Cause as you remember, I ain't real pleasant if I don't get my way.

Nick: Stop, please.

Jensen: Shut up.

Nick: Let her go. Let her go.

Jensen: Shut up-- unless you want what's gonna happen to happen to you right here and now.

Nick: You can let her go. Jensen, our baby is due any day now. They say the next ferry isn't gonna be here for two hours. You took our cell phones. There's no way that she can tell anybody that you're here.

Jensen: You know, I gotta be honest, I'm kind of hurt that you didn't tell me about her. Then again, you never wrote. You never called. He never mentioned me, did he?

Nick: Stop it.

Jensen: Tell her.

Nick: We were in-- we were in Statesville together, on the same cell block.

Jensen: Don't forget to tell her the part about how you thought you were too good to associate yourself with the likes of me.

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