Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 4/12/13

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 4/12/13


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Sami: He's coming.

EJ: Be nice, Samantha.

Sami: I am choking on how nice I will be.

Chloe: You are the best thing that ever happened to me. I was carrying your baby, and I didn't even know it. I was about to have everything I ever wanted, and it was ripped away from me.

Daniel: "Ripped away"? You make it sound like it was a hurricane. You did it. It was your choice. This is the life you chose to take. You screwed up your own, and then you screwed up mine!

Chloe: I made one mistake, and it's because I thought you didn't want me anymore. I would've done anything. I would've done anything to make it up to you. But you and everyone else in this town, ever since, you all turned on me... [Cries] There's no second chances for me, right? No. None of that famous forgiveness of yours.

Daniel: Do you know what it feels like to see that baby's breath? To see him born? To feel that kind of love in your soul, every fiber of your being, and then be told--no, actually believe--that he is no longer mine? Do you have any idea--

Chloe: I didn't do that to you.

Daniel: Yes, you did do it! You did, because if you hadn't slept with Philip, none of this could've ever happened. None of it.

Chloe: Okay, fine. You don't have to worry about getting through to me anymore. You don't want to have anything to do with me ever again, and I have to live with that. But I know in my heart that everything I did was out of love for you and for Parker. Now, I may have lost you, but I still have him. And I'm not gonna let anyone turn him against me. Not Kate, not Nicole, not Jennifer, and certainly not you. So, I'm... Gonna go take my son now, and I would advise you to step out of my way, because I don't have a problem destroying anyone who comes between me and my child.

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