Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 3/21/13

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 3/21/13


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Will: Wow, okay, so, you're talking about committing a crime or crimes to cover up the fact that I committed a crime.

Sami: You were driven to do what you did.

Will: What I did, mom, was shoot somebody, okay? I've come to the conclusion that that's almost never a good idea.

Sami: You know what? I'm gonna tell you what I think.

Will: That's new.

Sami: What Nick is doing is worse than shooting someone because he's not just hurting you. He is hurting a helpless, innocent child, your child.

Will: By telling the truth?

Sami: I cannot believe you are standing here defending him to me.

Will: Well, I can't believe you're moving back into the scene of your own crime. Do you remember when you snuck in there and shot EJ in the head? Are you at least gonna have a different bedroom?

Sami: EJ and I are in love, and, Will, I would do anything for you. I would sleep in the street on a cardboard box if it helped you.

Will: Yeah, you're gonna be slumming it in the mansion for sure. Look, I don't want your help, 'cause, every time I get it, I just need more help from somebody else.

Sami: I deserve that. I know I deserved that, will. I guess I just push too hard because I am always trying to make up for everything. I'm trying to make up for the time I spent away from you. You just have to ask yourself this: Do you wanna someday be saying the same thing to your child?

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