Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 3/19/13

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 3/19/13


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Maggie: I came by to see you.

Chloe: Oh. Why?

Maggie: Well, just to remind you that I've got your number. I always have, remember? And this time, Chloe, you're not gonna get away with it.

Chloe: My friend, Maggie Horton, did you really come over to my home to threaten me?

Maggie: It's not your home, it's my son's, and you are not my friend.

Nancy: Excuse me, Maggie, but I think--

Maggie: Oh, what a treat, Nancy! So good to see you. I hate to be rude, but hope you don't mind, I need a moment to talk to your daughter, alone.

Nancy: Not if you're going to speak to her that way.

Maggie: I know that my son doesn't love you. And you're never gonna hurt him again, ever. Do you hear that? Not on my watch. One thing that is abundantly clear, Chloe, is that the source of Jennifer and Daniel's problems is you. I mean, you had an agenda since the first day you came back into town.

Chloe: Talk about having an agenda. Don't you have anything better to do than play matchmaker between your niece and your son?

Maggie: And don't you have anything better to do than to try and break them up?

Chloe: It seems like everyone in this town is obsessed with the precious Daniel and Jennifer, and their pathetic love life, when you're all just wasting your time on something that's doomed from the start.

Maggie: Speaking of doomed!

Chloe: How many times have they broken up or been fighting since even before I was in the picture? So try saying the serenity prayer instead of blaming me, Maggie, because there's nothing you can do, because the truth is, those two just aren't meant to be.

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