Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 2/13/13

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 2/13/13


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Chloe: Yeah, you were sleeping, and I couldn't, so I decided to go out and get you a new cell phone.

Daniel: That is so nice. It's--it's on and programmed. How'd you get all my data on a new phone?

Chloe: Well, I had to work 'em a little. I just told 'em I was your wife.

Lucas: Look, if it's not Nick that's blackmailing you, my vote goes back to EJ.

Will: No, that's too twisted.

Lucas: For EJ DiMera? Come on, he's dying to look like a hero in your mom's eyes. Sets up this whole scenario, and then he swoops in at the end just to save the day-- that's so like him.

Nick: I'm just in nerd land. It's a new speech software.

Gabi: That sounded just like Will.

Nick: Yeah. I guess it kind of did, actually.

Kristen: Look, I know Brady's keeping something from me. I was pretty sure he was. But now I'm 100% sure that he is.

Stefano: Sweetheart, don't forget what you are keeping from him, huh? So don't be like a spoiled wife, all right? Or a hurt wife or even, for that matter, a hurt mistress, okey-dokey? You have to keep your eye on what you are going to do here, because this is something that you have chosen to do.

Kristen: I know that. I'm upset because it means I'm missing something. I thought that my research was so thorough and I knew everything there was to know about Brady.

Stefano: And so now there's a mystery, all right? So bravo, okay? But don't get so involved in that that you forget about the prize.

Kristen: Oh, I'm gonna get it out of him, believe me. Then he's gonna propose, and I'll probably break his heart before you even get back here.

Stefano: Aha! So you really were listening, huh?

Kristen: Unless, of course, you--maybe you want to watch when it happens.

Stefano: No, no, no, no. Look, you get this over with as soon as possible, okay?

Kristen: Are you sure you're ready to come back here?

Stefano: Why wouldn't I be?

Kristen: Because nobody likes you here. You'll have to run into your ex-wife Kate all the time. Ugh.

Stefano: So what? She's old news, okay? As a matter of fact, I don't even think about her anymore.

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