Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 1/31/13

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 1/31/13


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Rafe: Look at you. You're loving it, huh? Puffing up for Sami. Is that what this is?

EJ: Samantha and I are none of your business.

Rafe: Uh-huh.

EJ: But William is the father of your sister's baby. That makes Samantha the grandmother. And that gives them rights.

Rafe: What, are you arguing the case?

EJ: Me? No. No. I took the liberty of hiring the best lawyer in Salem to do that for me. Just to be ready to defend against any challenges that you, your sister, or that criminal that she's getting married to may throw in their general direction, so let's just be clear about one thing, Rafe. If you interfere with William or Samantha in any way, you'll regret it.

Rafe: Wow. So you're fighting for Sami now, huh? That's good, that's really good, 'cause, you know, she likes that. She really likes it when people treat her like she's helpless.

EJ: I don't think I need you to tell me about Samantha.

Rafe: No, no, no, of course you don't. You can read her like a book, right? You know what she's thinking.

EJ: We have a bond. We have a tie. Something you wouldn't understand.

Rafe: No.

EJ: I suppose that's probably why you lost.

Rafe: Why I... why I lost? [Laughs] Is that what you think? I threw in the towel, you moron. Which is really the only reason that you have a chance with her now. We were together. Yeah, I mean, we decided. She was gonna tell you, but then, well, we decided it would be better to wait till after the wedding. But make no mistake, my friend, you were out.

EJ: Chad. Tell me about the wedding.

Chad: Can we talk about the weather or politics, anything but--come on.

EJ: You can spare me all the gory details of the main event. Tell me about Samantha and Rafe.

Chad: What about them?

EJ: Were they together?

Chad: I wasn't really paying attention, so I don't--

EJ: Yes, but you must have noticed something.

Chad: Okay. Maybe. Mostly people talking about them. Like they were happy or maybe there will be another wedding soon. I don't know.

EJ: That's jumping the gun a little bit, don't you think?

Chad: Okay. Probably. You know what, people probably just saw Sami and Rafe at the wedding and just, you know, they jumped to conclusions about it.

EJ: Yeah. No.

Chad: It'll be all right.

EJ: I'm sure that's probably it.

Chad: But you and Sami, what's going on with that?

EJ: A word to the wise, Chad. Don't ever be a woman's second choice.

Chad: Please, what can I do to make this better between us?

Abigail: Nobody owes you that. You want to make things better, make yourself a better person. I gotta go.

Brian: Hey.

Sonny: Hey, Brian. You've obviously heard. This is "I told you so"?

Brian: No.

Sonny: Well, you did say Will had a lot of baggage.

Brian: I just had no idea that included a diaper bag.


Sonny: I haven't seen you around in a while.

Brian: I lead a quiet, monastic life.

Sonny: That's so you.

Brian: Seriously. You turned me down, my world was shattered, and I started contemplating the emptiness of existence.

Sonny: Yeah, I have that effect on people. So what'd you come up with? Right. You contemplated.

Brian: I did. And I realized that if existence is empty, the least we should get is a good cup of Italian espresso along the way.

Chad: If I'd known you were involved in this thing with Gabi, I would have taken it to my grave.

Will: Well, what--what you did and how you did it kind of sucked, but, you know, at least I got this now. It's a girl. You can't tell, but...

Chad: Wow.

Will: Mm-hmm.

Chad: You're gonna be an awesome dad.

Will: Thanks.

Chad: Seriously.

Will: I'll try. Yeah.

Chad: Have you--have you talked to Sonny today?

Will: No.

Chad: I mean--I mean, you probably should. I overheard him at the coffeehouse, and he's just been talking nonstop about how much he loves you. So you should--

Will: Okay, shouldn't you be out of the eavesdropping business?

Chad: I know, right? That's always when you hear the truth, though. So good luck with that, Will. All right?

Will: Okay.

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