Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 1/24/13

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 1/24/13


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Sonny: Did you bring Dad for back-up?

Adrienne: We wanted to check up on you. And I wanted to apologize for being insensitive before. I hope you're not still upset with me.

Sonny: I'm not. I'm the one who's sorry. I was a little rough with you and it was only because I was frustrated. So I took it out on you.

Adrienne: What are moms for?

Sonny: Can I ask you guys a question?

Justin: Of course.

Sonny: You know, at Christmas you both acted like you were really happy that Will and I were together. But now I'm wondering if you really meant it. Or did you know even back then that we were a mistake?

Chad: You look happy. Like you just won the lottery or something really good went down with Sami.

EJ: Well, why don't we just say things are going slowly in the right direction.

Chad: Ah, well is any of that because of what I did at the wedding?

EJ: I would say the fact that it came out William is the father of Gabi's child, and that that started a small war between Samantha and Rafe, didn't do me any harm.

Chad: Mm. Well, congratulations.

EJ: Hey! Whoa, whoa, whoa. So how are things with you, hm? How is life in the aftermath of your showstopping performance at the wedding?

Chad: Well, not that my life was going so swimmingly before. My life right now is pretty much just a full-blown disaster.

EJ: So how's Abigail taking all this?

Chad: She can't stand the sight of me.

EJ: Well, give her a little bit of time, you know? Look, this is probably going to sound sort of pat, but in relationships, sometimes even when things start with the grimmest of prognoses, they can fall out exactly the way you want them to. In my experience anyway.

Lucas: The bottom line is, "a," we have to be there for our son no matter what, okay? Unconditionally.

Sami: I agree.

Lucas: And "b," we have to not alienate Rafe and Gabi any more than we already have.

Sami: You mean, any more than I already have.

Lucas: Well, yeah, you. Can you do that? Agreed?

Sami: Yes.

Lucas: Good.

Sami: What are we gonna do about the Sonny complication? I mean, how do we help him?

Lucas: We're not getting involved with that. Not right now. That's for Will to handle. We'll worry about it later.

Sami: But he really loves him.

Lucas: Yeah, sometimes love just isn't enough. Good night.

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