Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 1/11/13

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 1/11/13


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Anne: Well, there's a surprise. H.R.H. Jennifer Horton takes another day off.

Nurse: H.R.H.?

Anne: Her Royal Horton-ness. Lazy diva gets away with murder.

Maggie: I really hate leaving Parker.

Victor: Oh, he'll be fine with Adrienne. The boy would never make it through a wedding, anyway. Hell, I barely do.

Maggie: Really? In church? Caroline, nice to see you.

Caroline: Well, it's good to be seen. Victor.

Victor: You're looking well.

Caroline: I am.

Maggie: Nick wouldn't be here today if it weren't for your help.

Caroline: Oh, just gave him a menial job.

Maggie: Caroline, you gave him a second chance. Um, excuse me. I need to say hello to someone.

Caroline: Well, I certainly owe somebody a second chance. I'm glad Daniel is getting that with Parker.

Victor: If only that bimbo, Chloe, had just dropped the boy off and ran.

Anne: So what was little Jen's excuse this time?

Nurse: Tom Horton's great-grandson's getting married, Nick.

Anne: Nick pill-popping felon--I mean, Fallon? How did that family get such a saintly reputation? I mean, really.

Nurse: Jen is kind of... ditto.

Anne: Saintly? Please. That's what she wants everyone to believe, but if you only knew.

Chloe: Anne? Anne Milbauer!

Anne: Chloe Lane! What are you doing here?

Chloe: I'm back in Salem. Do you want to go grab a real cup of coffee?

Anne: Yes, I would love to.

Chloe: We have so much catching up to do.

Anne: I know.

Chloe: Oh, my gosh.

Eric: Nicholas, Gabriella, have you come here freely without reservation to give yourselves to each other in marriage?

Both: We have.

Eric: Will you honor each other as husband and wife for the rest of your lives?

Nick: I loved you the first moment I saw you.

Gabi: You were such a gift to me.

Eric: Repeat after me. I, Gabriella Josefina Hernandez...

Gabi: Take you, Nicholas Fallon, to be my husband.

Nick: In sickness and in health so long as we both shall live.

Eric: And nobody messed up a word.


Eric: Nicholas, Gabriella, from this day you go forth as one. Let love and truth guide you down a long, happy, committed life. And now by the power vested in me, I pronounce you--

Chad: Hold on. I'm just gonna go ahead and say it. If this marriage is about love and truth, then shouldn't Gabi be marrying the real father of her baby?

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