Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 1/7/13

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 1/7/13


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John: What did you know about them? Did you know my son was sleeping with Kristen?

Marlena: Maybe we should--

John: Maybe what? Maybe you knew that they were shacking up? Maybe you knew that she had gone after my son? Maybe what?

Marlena: I was going to say, "Maybe we should talk about this after you get home."

John: Why? We can clear this up right now. It only take three words-- "I didn't know." So you tell me that not until I told you that I saw them going at it on his desk, you had no idea what was going on. You tell me that, Doc.

Marlena: I knew.

John: [Sighs]

Marlena: I knew what was going on.

Abigail: Oh, my God, Mom.

Jennifer: Oh, my goodness. Ugh!

Abigail: I'm so sorry, Mom.

Jennifer: Honey, it's not your fault. It really isn't. I just don't know what I'm gonna do now.

Abigail: Change immediately-- that's what you're gonna do.

Jennifer: I don't have time to change. Maybe--maybe it'll just dry on my way over to Daniel's.

Abigail: Dry? Mom, even if it dries, you're still gonna smell like a wino. And it's not gonna take you that long to change. How long could it really take you?

Jennifer: Honey, it only takes me 2 minutes to change, but it'll take me 45 minutes to figure out what I'm gonna wear and get a whole new outfit.

Abigail: Okay, okay, um... I know. Wear that pretty dress that you wore to church on Sunday, but just lose the jacket, and you can keep all your jewelry the same, but, um, change your shoes to the suede heels that you say are too tight.

Jennifer: Right, because they are too tight. They hurt my feet. I can't wear them.

Abigail: Mom, you look gorgeous in them. Good Lord, where are your priorities? Now go. I will-- I'm gonna get the keys.

Jennifer: All right, I'll text Daniel, and I'm gonna tell him that I'm gonna be late. And just hurry.

Jennifer: So Kate lost her hotel reservation. Who cares? I don't care.

Lucas: Come on, just help me out, please.

Jennifer: She's a grown woman. She can't book her own hotel room?

Lucas: She doesn't need just a room. She needs a suite in an exclusive hotel, and if she doesn't get it, she'll come back. And do you have any idea how long I've been waiting for her to just be gone with a big ocean between us? Please.

Jennifer: I am not a travel agent. I don't understand what you want me to do.

Lucas: Well, I'm--I'm glad you asked. You see, you wrote an article about the hotel...

Both: Emile.

Jennifer: [Groans]

Lucas: You put that place on the map, so maybe you can call them for me, see if they have a room--a suite? Please? For me?

Daniel: Okay, Chloe, I'm gonna try to say this nicely, but we don't seem to be getting anywhere.

Chloe: I'm trying to explain.

Daniel: You've been trying for a while now, and I'm more confused than when you got here. Now, you can understand that I'd rather you weren't here when Jennifer shows up. Now, I will leave some time for you in the morning, and you'll have lots of time to just get right to the point. Deal?

Chloe: No deal.

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