Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 12/31/12

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 12/31/12


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Will: Grandma. Hi.

Kate: Hi.

Will: Are you all right?

Kate: Actually, no. I just had the exquisite pleasure of meeting with your precious cousin Nick. And I have to say I've had more fun in a dentist's chair. Yeah, I actually have. I have had more fun in a dentist's chair.

Adrienne: Did you get a load of those earrings?

Sonny: Oh, my God.

Adrienne: Seriously, chandelier earrings are not supposed to be the size of real chandeliers. [Laughs] Somebody has to tell him that Maggie needs to do his shopping next year, not his assistant.

Marlena (to Hope): I should have just said the words. I should have just said, "Brady's having sex with Kristen." Or, "your son is having an affair with your psychotic ex." I never got the words out.

Sonny: I--I don't have doubts about Will. I love him.

Adrienne: Okay. So what's the problem? 'Cause I know there is one.

Sonny: Dad is guy that I've ever known.

Adrienne: I completely agree, but why are we talking about your father?

Sonny: Because he works for Uncle Vic. And he's dealing with people who are...

Adrienne: Real creeps? Yeah.

Sonny: Real--yeah. And I just want to know how you--how you handle that.

Adrienne: Well, I make his life miserable.

Kristen: Marlena! Fancy bumping into you here. This is America.

Adrienne: Did Will tell you that he spent part of Christmas with us?

Kate: Oh, did you install a metal detector so he wouldn't walk off with the silverware?

Kate: Thank you.

Adrienne: You're welcome.

Kate: Now, this doesn't mean we have to start having lunch together, does it?

Adrienne: Oh, hell no.

Kate: Good. That's a relief. I'll see myself out.

Adrienne: Go for it.

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