Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 11/5/12

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 11/5/12


Provided By Barbara

[Cell phone rings]

Rafe: Hernandez.

Nicole: Hey, it's your favorite ex-co-conspirator.

Kristen: You're not really surprised, are you?

Kate: This is no way to end a marriage.

Kristen: [Laughs] You cheated on him. You slept with another man, who then tried to kill him.

Brady: You want some tea?

Kate: If it's laced with Scotch. You know, this is Kristen DiMera. Why are you taking this so lightly?

Brady: Okay, I'm gonna get you some tea. You're on your own for the Scotch.

Sami (to Jennifer): Oh, come on, no man wants to be with Nicole. Well, I mean, except for the one reason.

Nicole: This isn't a good time, Victor. 

Victor: Tell me about it. I understand that you and my godson are planning on leaving Salem tomorrow.

Nicole: That's right.

Victor: The trip is off.

Nicole: What? Listen to you. You're not Czar Victor anymore. You can't order me around.

Nicole: Jennifer broke his heart.

Victor: What's that got to do with anything? Because that's the kind of woman you want Daniel with, right? A woman who broke his heart so badly that he couldn't even function? Well, I'm the one who helped put him back together. I'm the one who was there for him when he found out he couldn't perform surgery anymore. He said I made him feel alive again. Yes, I can imagine the parts of him you rejuvenated.

Victor (to Nicole): Just take the money. Enjoy yourself. No one will begrudge you that. Sit on a beach somewhere sucking back mai tais. Surely you must have missed your martinis the past few months. Have a party at my expense. I insist.

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