Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 10/25/12

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 10/25/12


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Kristen: Sami, you don't think Stefano would choose his own daughter over you? Especially considering all my experience.

Sami: Oh, what experience would that be? Are we talking about the kidnapping or the attempted murders?

Daniel: Well, everything looks good. You'll be discharged in the morning.

Nicole: Why does that sound like I'm gonna be shot out of the cannon?

[Both chuckle]

Sami: And I like doing it. I'm good at this.

Kristen: How wonderful that you have such high self-esteem.

[Cell phone ringing]

Daniel: Oh. [Sniffles] This is about a patient. Um, I'm gonna take this.

Nicole: Okay, okay.

Daniel: Throwing this in the ocean when we get to Hawaii.

Nicole: [Chuckles]

Bo: You're the best wife ever.

Hope: Keep saying it. [Laughs]

Sami: It's not about the kids. I have to ask you for a favor.

EJ: Granted.

Sami: You don't even know what it is yet, EJ.

EJ: Well, you know I could never say no to you.

Kristen: When I decided to come back to Salem, I thought I should look up all the DiMeras, you know.

Chad: Oh, well, that's a short list now.

Kristen: But still a fascinating Internet search.

Chad: Mm. I haven't done that for a while. What's the first thing that comes up?

Kristen: Modeling photos of you. [Laughs]

Chad: Uh, not my life's work--just a quick buck.

Kristen: I thought it was time to come back home and make amends.

Chad: How's that working out for you?

Kristen: Like a root canal, in installments. [Both laughing]

Bo: Ma, I didn't ask for a beer.

Caroline: Well, it's less calories than the pie that you wanted.

Bo: Oh, yeah, thanks. You're watching my weight for me? No guts no glory?

Bo: Oh, on Memorial Day. So, if I promise to get you back by then...

Caroline: Will I let California doctors stick me with needles and ask me, "Who's the president? What day is it?" Yes.

Bo: We'll suffer through it together. What do you say?

Caroline: What mother could refuse an offer like that, huh? So when do we leave?

Bo: You know what? We'll do some sightseeing together. Been a long time since I've had you on the back of my motorcycle. We'll go up to Yosemite, see those huge redwoods.

Caroline: I want a green helmet...

Bo: You got it.

Caroline: With a shamrock on it. Only if you wear one.

Bo: Oh, I always wear one. You know that.

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