Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 10/22/12

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 10/22/12


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John: Oh, how out of character for Kate to be pushy. It's okay, Mindy. Don't worry about it.

Kate: Oh, and I don't need anything. Thank you so much for asking. She calls you by your first name? You really need to set some boundaries, you know.

John: We all know how you respect boundaries.

Tad: I got some things going on and decided to stick around.

Sonny: Really? "Got some things"? Thought it might have something to do with that tall blonde with the killer legs. This girl defined hot.

Tad: Okay, this just got weird on so many levels.

Will: What?

Will: Wow. That is so great. I think it's great that you feel you can go after somebody so far out of your league.

Sonny: Yeah, I mean, hope springs eternal, so.

Tad: You guys, you guys are funny together. Are you guys--

Will: Are we what? Are we Irish?

Tad: Oh, by the way, word of advice. Do not make this one mad. Packs a mean right hook.

Will: You know, I know it doesn't sound like it, but that's his way of saying "I'm sorry."

Kate: Your wife's daughter is thinking about hiring him, which, of course, would be a catastrophe.

John: Clearly. Catastrophic.

Marlena: Your father brought you back? I've got a sick feeling of déja vu.

Kristen: I know. All over again, right? Just like the old days.

Marlena: No, not quite. We're not locked in a room together.

Kristen: Not yet. It's a joke, Marlena. It's just a joke.

Kristen: I have to say that you and john did seem like you were completely oblivious to your surroundings. It was sweet. It was so sweet. How long have you two been married?

Marlena: So you were spying on us.

Kristen: Honestly, you're like newlyweds.

Marlena: Spying on us? Really?

Will: You know what I think about t?

Sonny: That he wears really ugly shoes?

Will: No. That he doesn't want to be a jerk. That he wants to do the right thing but he's just acting the way he thinks he should act.

Sonny: Wait, you mean, if he's okay with someone being gay, then that means there's something wrong with him?

Will: I guess. I mean, something like that.

Sonny: I'm not even going to try to understand the workings of a straight male mind.

Will: Well, he's trying to understand us, so maybe we can give him a little credit.

Sonny: Well, that's big of him.

Will: Yeah, I think we have different perspectives on this, because your family has accepted this about you all along, so--

Sonny: Will, it's not like I had a-a rainbow flag above my crib.

Sonny: We could get married in New York. Or actually, Idaho. This way, we can have our honeymoon, we can go camping. What do you think about that? I think that'd be fun.

Will: Uh--

Sonny: Will. You should see your face right now.

Will: Are you kidding me? Oh, my gosh. That's not funny.

Sonny: Yes, it was. I-I enjoyed it.

Brady: I'm going outside, because it's beautiful outside. I'm going for a run.

John: Yeah, doc said the same thing. She wants to take me to the park and have a picnic.

Brady: And here you are going over sales projections? I love you, you're an idiot. Go outside.

John: You know, kid, when you're right, you're right.

Marlena: If you think I'm going to shake hands with you, you are still delusional.

Kate: Uh-huh. Have you given any thought at all to what your parents might think of this news?

Will: Well, I tweeted my dad, but--I'm sorry. He punked me, I punked you. I'm sorry. We're joking.

Sonny: We're just joking.

Kate: How mature of you.

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