Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 10/16/12

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 10/16/12


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Bo: [Clears throat] More coffee.

Caroline: This late?

Bo: Are you refusing to serve your own flesh and blood?

Nick: Uh, what were you studying?

Gabi: Astronomy. I mean, this course is supposed to be easy. But, of course, they lie.

Will: Hmm, having a boyfriend who likes my family, that's weird.

Sami: Then I won't fight with Nicole. I promise. Even if she pushes me.

Marlena: Sami, oh, my gosh. Samantha Jean, you have never walked away from a fight in your life.

Sami: There's a first time for everything. I-- [Sighs] Why'd you have to be here?

Will: That was intense.

Sonny: Well, you were upside down for a little while, so that messes with your equilibrium.

Will: I was upside down for an hour. In the sky.

Sonny: In the sky? You were ten feet off the ground.

Will: Anything above my head counts as the sky.

Sonny: It was a practice wall.

Will: I don't care. Seriously. Little rocks count as vertical mountains to me.

Caroline:  You're not waiting here for your mom to go crackers?

Bo: No crackers involved. Is it all right if I just hang out, please?

Caroline: Here you go. Three-alarm chili.

Kayla: Mom, that's-- well, that isn't-- you're mean.

Caroline: Well, get used to it. I'm gonna stay mean.

Kayla: And funny.

Caroline: No matter what. [Laughs]

Gabi: Oh, yeah, how was your date?

Will: Oh, uh, nauseating, actually.

Sonny: Nauseating? No, it wasn't.

Nick: That doesn't sound good.

Will: [Laughs] Yes, it was.

Sonny: Well, it's--he's exaggerating, he's exaggerating.

Will: No, no I'm not. No, I'm not. He made me climb a wall.

Gabi: What?

Will: See? Right? See? Look.

Roman: Okay, okay. But not until you make me a promise here.

Caroline: Don't be a bully.

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