Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 10/11/12

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 10/11/12


Provided By Barbara

Brady: Are you trying to get rid of me or something?

Jennifer: Yeah, I am.

Brady: Well, I'm not gonna let that happen right now, because I don't want you to be alone, because I happen to be worried about you right now.

Jennifer: For no good reason. And I will be fine once I take care of Nicole.

Brady: How do you intend to do that?

Jennifer: With the candlestick in the conservatory. Will you stop looking at me like I am crazy?

Rafe: You know, actually, I think I'm gonna have a little talk with your soon-to-be ex-neighbor.

Sami: Um, all right. Well, you boys be nice. [Laughs] But if you fight, don't get any blood on your nice white shirt, okay?

Maggie: I don't understand why you have to go.

Daniel: [Stammers] It's just, look, it's--

Victor: [Imitates stammer] It's because Nicole wants him to. And you can bet she's got some self-serving reason behind the whole thing. And she doesn't care that [Snaps] that you're quitting your job to follow her to Mozambique or Easter Island or wherever the hell she's dragging you off to.

Rafe: So two sandwiches. [Stammers] What are we waiting for, the bread dough to rise?

Sami: Okay, okay. Why are you so impatient tonight?

Rafe: Why? Well, of course, I'm impatient, because I could be home alone with you instead of waiting here for what is obviously [Loud] the impossible task of slapping a piece of meat between two slices of bread.

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