Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 10/10/12

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 10/10/12


Provided By Barbara

Nicole: [Sighs] What'd you do, pack a ton of bricks in my bag as a going-away present?

Jennifer: What are you doing?

Nicole: You evicted me and packed my things, so I guess I'm outta here. Oh, dear.

Jennifer: You're leaving town with Daniel.

Nicole: Wow. Told you already?

Jennifer: No, you just did.

Nicole: Well, you were gonna find out anyway.

Jennifer: Where are you dragging him off to, Nicole?

Nicole: Now, is that a nice way to talk about a guy you supposedly respect? What do you think I'm gonna do, just put him in a dog crate, throw him on a roof, and drive him around?

Caroline: Don't let me get used to having you around, you know? Shouldn't you be out buying a wooden leg and a parrot?

Bo: Actually, I was looking at a sailboat, not a pirate ship.

Kate: You're ready for this job, Nick.

Nick: What makes you think I'm looking for one?

Kate: Because you're washing dishes at the pub. A man with your mind and your skills--you're a scientist.

Nick: Einstein stamped papers at a patent office.

Kate: Mm, yes, until he got a real position with his own lab and money to do his work, which is what you're going to have, and I can't believe you're making me sell this to you.

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