Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 9/20/12

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 9/20/12


Provided By Danielle

Hope: (reading off the list of Bo’s job options if he leaves the police department) "Open detective agency." Check, you've already done that.

Bo: Yeah.

Hope: "Security consultant." Jeez, Brady, when did you become so boring?

Lucas: You gotta be kidding me. You don't think Rafe and EJ were fighting over you? Come on, Sami. I know what I saw.

Sami: Well, I know what I was told.

Lucas: You know what you were told? Okay, fine. So they weren't fighting over you. They just came to their senses and realized that you're just not worth it anymore.

Maggie: No, uh, um-- Victor. You're gonna be like a bull in a china shop. Um, I need for you to stay here and do nothing.

Victor: Not exactly my forte.

Kate: Okay. I wanna know exactly how we're going to crush Sami, Brady, and Countess Wilhelmina in one fell swoop. (finally notices Victor is annoyed) Okay, you're in a mood.

Victor: How astute of you? No wonder Sami's never been able to get the drop on you.

Hope: Feel like leaving the force will be liberating, a relief?

Bo: You bet. Won't be getting up every morning to go into the office and bang my head against the wall.

Kate: (mocking Victor for having to listen when Maggie tells him not to interfere) Well, then why don't you? Oh. Did Maggie say no? That woman can be such a goodie two shoes sometimes.

Maggie: (walking in) Oh, and one of my shoes is about to kick your behind out of here, Kate. You have exactly ten second. 10... 9...

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