Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 8/29/12

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 8/29/12


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Marlena: I want you to think about what you just said. You've been here nearly four years. You think you haven't changed?

Nick: No. I mean, plenty has changed, Dr. Evans, but it's nothing that I did. It's that these past four years... have changed me.

Melanie: Well, no, I mean-- look, you were busy. Saving lives, you know? Look, I'm--I'm-- I'm lucky to be sitting opposite of you. I'm thankful, listening to all of your wonderful fatherly advice, which I will of course probably ignore, as is daughter's prerogative.

Daniel: Yes, of course.

EJ: Have you heard the news?

Nicole: You mean the terrible news that Stefano's not dead?

EJ: No, I mean the wonderful news that I'm innocent.

Nicole: [Chuckles] Oh, EJ. You are a lot of things, but innocent is not one of them.

Nicole: Dr. Jonas said the DNA results are 100% accurate.

EJ: Not at University Hospital, they're not.

Nicole: Oh, my God. You know what? Good-bye. Good-bye, EJ. Have a nice life.

Rafe: So... you got out on bail. Now what, huh? Back to the business of running this town into the ground?

EJ: [Chuckles] You know, I'd watch what I say if I were you. I'm still your boss.

Rafe: Not if you're in jail.

Roman: Rafe is one of the best cops I've got.

Sami: Except for the time you had to fire him.

Roman: And if your heart leads you into trouble?

Sami: Which it probably will. Then I'm very lucky and grateful that I have family that loves me that'll be there for me when I need them.

Rafe: Well, thanks. You know I love my job. It's been great. Made some great friends. A few enemies. But, uh, I guess that comes with the territory now, doesn't it?

Bo: Got that right. Every cop in the precinct is an enemy to the DiMeras.

Rafe: Well, except for the ones that they've got in their pockets.

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