Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 8/23/12

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 8/23/12


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Rafe: That's not an answer.

Sami: I'm just trying to be honest. When enough people tell you something, you've gotta believe it. And you said it best. Everything I touch, I ruin. It's who I am and it is... who I will always be.

Kate: Okay, so are we not returning phone calls anymore?

Roman: Well, in case you've forgotten, there was an explosion last night. People died. I've been busy.

Sami: EJ, Rafe didn't hurt me.

EJ: Then why are you crying? Where's Silvio? Why are your wrists bruised, Samantha? Oh. I see. Either you went kinky or you came here to make an arrest.

Rafe: I'd go with arrest. See that tends to happen to people who flee after they've been charged with murder.

Justin: Who did this to you?

Sonny: Nobody did. I just--I just tripped.

Justin: Tripped? Right and then you just, what, fell on somebody's fist? Here, hold this.

Bo: Hey, Doc. How's he doing?

Daniel: Well, he's lucid enough to tell me what McAllister put him through.

Hope: Can we question him?

Daniel: He's pretty shaken up. He might actually tell you the truth, so yeah. Go for it.

Brady: Why don't you just go home? Please leave me alone.

Nicole: Because I know how you feel. You want to close your eyes and stick your fingers in your ears and wish the world away. But you can't. Because no matter where you go, Brady, this will follow you. Please, just--I'm your friend. Let me help you.

Rafe: Well you were under arrest and you fled jurisdiction.

EJ: If I hadn't fled jurisdiction, you Muppets would have charged me with murder.

Justin: Somebody knocked you unconscious. You wanna walk me through why we're not calling the police?

Sonny: Dad, let it go. Just let it go.

Lucas: But you shouldn't have helped your mom and EJ leave town. That I know.

Will: Since when does anybody stop mom from doing something she wants to do? You know what--you know what's funny, is that you were always the parent I could count on. What happened?

Daniel: Seems the rumors of Stefano's death are--are a little exaggerated.

Nicole: What?

Daniel: He isn't dead.


Nicole: I thought that old cat used up all his nine lives.


Nicole: I have to admit, EJ going to prison for killing his father--that scenario really worked for me.

EJ: Where is Hernandez and when are we getting out of here?

Cop: You want an itinerary? Call a travel agent.

Daniel: Hey, you know what? You let him ask, because you have a signed doctor's report that that baby is Rafe's. And Rafe's not gonna give you up and you know why.

Nicole: You know, if this gets out, Sami and EJ are gonna draw straws and see who gets to kill me and take my baby.

Kate: Stefano needs me now.

Bo: Uh, not according to him.

Kate: Really? Because when have you ever done anything that Stefano wanted?

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