Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 8/16/12

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 8/16/12


Provided By Mishy

Kate: You murdered him. You murdered him.

Ian: As Lady Macbeth said, "Out, damned spot, out."

Kate: No! I never wanted that. I never wanted that.

Ian: Ha! Your fingerprints were on the weapon. Do you remember?

EJ: The clothes you're wearing--you look smashing.

Sami: [Scoffs] I'm just lucky these jeans have come back in again.

EJ: Well, maybe it's not the clothes. Maybe it's the person who's wearing them.

Sami: Did you have a whole other bottle of this while I was cleaning up?

EJ: Samantha Brady never did know how to take a compliment.

Melanie: We're fine.

Daniel: Well, last time you said that, I didn't see you for weeks. I want to make sure you're okay.

Melanie: You're being overprotective.

EJ: You don't know what we're doing here?

Sami: Well, I thought I did. But then there was wine and--and--and dresses like this one and one bed.

EJ: That is true. There is one bed. Sorry about that. Samantha, the reasons that we are here are very serious. My life is on the line, and I can assure you that when we decided to come here, I had absolutely no intention of seducing you.

Sami: Okay. I am very glad to hear that.

EJ: But that was then. Now it's just the two of us. We're here... alone. And we have been fighting this for a very long time. And I give up.

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