Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 7/12/12

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 7/12/12


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Lucas: Well, yeah, but it's always been a family-run business.

John: And technically... I'm a DiMera.

Lucas: What about EJ?

John: Stefano never made him a full partner. I can cut him off at the knees. Without the organization behind him, he's just another guy with a funny name.

Abigail: You're right. You're right. It's just...[Sighs] When something really bad happens, I-I try to imagine the worst possible thing that could happen and figure out how I'd deal with it.

Cameron: That can work.

Abigail: Unless the worst thing that could happen is something that no one can deal with.

Bo: Do either of you know the password for her email account?

Chad: It's "Dancar."

Bo: You want to spell that?

Chad: Uh, yeah, yeah. It's "D-A-N-C-A-R"-- you know, like "Daniel Carly."

Cameron: Now, who's Philip?

Abigail: Her ex-husband.

Cameron: Well, it makes sense for her not to share her plans with him.

Gabi: You taped us?

Andrew: Yeah. I mean, what did you think-- that I was so blown away by your sudden interest that I would forget all of my technical know-how? No. One click of a button, and this goes straight to the Salem P.D.

Bo: We need more information before we can start a hard-target search.

Daniel: Look, she is not a hard target! She is my daughter!

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