Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 7/3/12

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 7/3/12


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Carrie: I'm not hungry anyway.

Austin: My love, you still have morning sickness? I thought that was all done. ...

Carrie: Yeah, it's not morning sickness. It's Sami.

Will: Money in a package. That sounds shady.

EJ: It is shady, William. That's why I'm sending you. Do you have a problem with that?

Austin: Right, exactly. And she can't take responsibility for her own actions, so she blames other people. And... our marriage survived. Hers didn't. You know what that means?

Carrie: Hmm?

Austin: That means that you are right at the top of Sami's imaginary enemies list.

Nicole: Why do you get involved with all your patients? I mean, your wife... Chelsea, Kate, Chloe. Am I missing someone? Oh, Jennifer.

Daniel: Yeah, you know, I think I was just going through a phase.

Nicole: "Phase"? Ha! Sorry. That's a crock.

Rafe: Now, I am glad that you saw the light. Come with me and we'll get you set up to take this lie detector test.

EJ: Oh, I'm not here to take a test. I'm here to discuss your department's budget with Roman.

Rafe: Roman's not here. can go ahead and take the test and... you'll still be on time for your next meeting.

Rafe: Well, EJ left. Now it's your turn. I have work to do.

Sami: EJ's the prime suspect, huh?

Rafe: At least you're closer to the door.

Will: No, trust me, um, I'm going to handle my business with EJ.

Sonny: That's either really gutsy or really stupid. I haven't decided yet.

EJ: Where have you been?

Will: sent me to run an errand, remember?

EJ: You were late meeting our contact.

Will: Oh, yeah, that's only because I, uh, stopped to eat.

EJ: Why didn't you stop to get a bite to eat after you picked up the package, William?

EJ: Where is the package?

Will: What pa-- oh, yeah. That's right, I, um... totally forgot about it. My bad.

EJ: What's wrong with you?

Will: Sounds like you're about to tell me.


Will: I think I'm gonna go to the top if you stop holding me back.

EJ: You're either drunk... or you're high. Neither one of which is acceptable in my employ.

Will (to EJ): Yes, Elvis, they do. And I think they will. Because from now on, I will be calling the shots.

EJ: You're calling the shots? William's calling the shots. Seems to me, William, that you are suffering from delusions of grandeur.

Will: You know, I have learned a lot from you. And one of those things is that knowledge is power. And that is exactly how I know that things are gonna change around here.

EJ: Whatever it is that you're so desperate to spit out, I suggest you just get on with it.

Will: I know the truth. I found what you've been hiding. I know that Stefano is not your father. You are not a DiMera.

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