Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 6/25/12

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Monday 6/25/12


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Hope: Yeah. God, I can't even imagine what Abe must be going through right now.

Bo: I take how I feel when I don't know where you are or if you're okay, multiply that by... a lot.

Sami: I'm not that great.

Lucas: You are that great. You've been doing everything. Come on, you spent most of the night at the police station with will, where you found out--or your dad found out that our son was gay, and what'd you do? You stuck up for him, and you came back here, you spent all that time on the ad campaign, then you got up early, got the kids ready for school, you found the homework, you made the pancakes, come on. I think it's, uh, plenty of cause for crackin' a few eggs.

Lucas: What? What are you sorry for? I knew that was coming.

Sami: I'm sorry for everything. I'm sorry that two of my kids are EJ's and that he is a part of my life and he always will be, and yes, usually he's trying to mess with me in some way, but the other half of the time, it's totally my fault. Just ask Rafe.

Lucas: No, you know what? I'm not gonna ask Rafe anything. And now that Stefano's gone, I think that's a game changer, don't you?

Lucas: Mmm, I'm hungry.

Sami: [Laughs]

Lucas: Mmm, but I don't want any food right now.

Sami: [Laughs] I was hoping you would say that. [Laughs]

Bo:  Lexie was family.

Hope: She really was family. You know, it's incredible. I mean, it's actually hard to believe that after everything Lex and I have been through together, with J.T., with Zack, that we could ever be friends again.

Bo: We're not gonna take for granted what we have. We're not gonna get sidetracked or go all quiet when something's bothering us... 'cause you are the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Hope: I love you. And I do appreciate you. I'm so sorry if I have ever taken you for granted.

Arthur: Uh, EJ, you are aware that this is not the latest version?

EJ: Go on.

Arthur: Well, Stefano came to my office several weeks ago, and he told me that he wanted to revise his will, because he had learned that you were not his biological son, therefore you cannot be his heir.

Hope: Oh, baby, sweetheart, Mommy was just going to the kitchen to see if I could help Grandma and Aunt Kayla.

Ciara: I was worried you wouldn't come back, like Theo's mommy.

Hope: Theo's mommy was very sick, honey. Her body stopped working, but she didn't want to leave Theo.

Hope: Really. Promise you, but you know what else? Theo's still watching over him. Even if he can't see her, she's there.

Ciara: Because she's in heaven with Gran and Zack?

EJ: [Chuckles] It appears that my father lied to both you and me. Apparently, I am his biological son.

Arthur: Then why did he say you weren't, and why did he change his will?

EJ: Same reason he does everything... control.

Arthur: [Chuckles] Yes. That sounds like something that Stefano would do.

Will: I know, I know, that's not the problem. It--it seems like people are-- are more freaked out about me being gay than me maybe shooting someone. How--honestly, why is it such a big deal?

Sonny: Well, the only way to stop it from being a big deal... hey, is to get rid of that closet. The more people that have to face the fact that they know someone who's gay, and love someone who's gay, the more they're gonna stop thinking it's a bad thing.

Daniel: Now, imagine my surprise at finding you sitting behind my desk.

Nicole: You're gonna need a better chair, Doc. This one's gonna kill your back.

Will: Uh, yeah, actually, but you know...[Laughs] The funny thing is, is--mostly EJ, I think he talked her into it.

Sonny: Get outta here.

Will: Yeah, I'm serious. You know he paid my bail, right?

Sonny: You were charged with shooting his father, and he paid your bail?

Will: Yeah. Also offered me my old job back.

Bo: [Sighing] Yeah. "When I was a kid, and dreaming about the merchant marine, I'd tell mom that I was never gonna get married. I didn't want to tie myself down. She'd look at me and shake her head and say, 'Bo, we're not meant to go through this life alone. Someday you'll meet someone who makes you understand that, and until you do, stop bothering me with all your nonsense.'"

Hope: [Laughs] Sounds exactly like her.

Bo: "Well, she was right. I did meet that someone... and so did my good friend Abe carver. Now, Lexie walked a very difficult line in this world. She fell in love with the best man she'd ever met, and then discovered she had a father who was... one of the worst."


Bo: "But somehow she found a way to make it all work. She became a loving, devoted wife and an affectionate, if disapproving, daughter."

Hope: Works.

Bo: Okay. "And when her son was born, Theo was the light of her life, and I know Abe will see to it that he always knows that. It seems so unfair that Lexie was taken from them so soon... but I saw Lexie and Abe on a daily basis, and they had the kind of love--[Choked up]... My mom was talking about. That kind of love never, ever dies." [Sighs] [Sobs] Ooh, good thing I'm getting this out of the way now, huh? "They found each other, and they had what they had for as long as they did."

Hope: But not nearly long enough.

Sonny: You're working with EJ again, aren't you? What part of "that's stupid" do you not understand?

Will: You know, he's not that bad.

Sonny: But why? What is--what's he gonna do if you say no?

Will: [Chuckles] Believe me, you don't want to know.

EJ: I'm sure I don't need to remind you of who I am in this town. I'm not just the mayor. I'm also in charge of DiMera enterprises. I wield a lot of power, enough to make or break somebody. Permanently.

Arthur: You may not be Stefano's son, but you are exactly like him.

Lucas: You really want our son to be a closet case?

Sami: No, I did not mean it like that. It's just-- I hate that it had to happen like this, you know? That everybody knows because of this paper, that it didn't happen on his terms. He didn't get to decide, and I hate the thought of people being mean to him. I mean, he's--he's my baby, and I don't want people to be hateful to him because he's gay.

Sami: No, I think I can do this. I know what I'm doing.

Lucas: No, no, no. We are gonna get to the bottom of this. We're gonna do that together. But you're not going anywhere near EJ.

Hope: Not seeing her face light up as she crosses the room to give me a big hug, or tease me.

Bo: Well, like we told Ciara, she's always there with us. They all are, watching over us.

Hope: Even if we can't see them, right?

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