Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 6/22/12

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 6/22/12


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Nicole: Are you okay? You, look a little serious there.

Daniel: Nah, you know, I'm just thinking about Lexie. I mean, she--she was so loyal. She was here every day right up until... you know, it's just my first day back without her and...I don't know, something just doesn't feel right, being here. I'm gonna miss her.

Nicole: Yeah, and she was pretty much the only redeeming member of that family.

Daniel: Yeah, well, that's all about to change now that you got this little one right here, right?

Spencer: Well, of course, the case is gonna be covered from every angle. You said yourself, Stefano's murder affects almost everyone in this town.

Roman: Doesn't mean I have to like it, especially when they exploit my family. Will's private life is nobody's business.

Spencer: What've you got on junior?

Rafe: Junior--oh. Nothing, except Stefano drew up a new will recently... disinheriting junior.

EJ: See, William, if you display any sort of weakness, you become vulnerable. You need to learn to protect yourself.

Will: What's your weakness? Your family?

EJ: What's left of it. That was my father's weakness too, you know. It's always important to prepare yourself for the next attack.

Roman: You see, EJ's plan to bring down john had been in the works for months. I mean, it was pretty much an airtight case, and then Stefano shot the hell out of it.

Rafe: God, that had to have be betrayed by your own father like that, to have him choose his greatest enemy over you.

EJ: May I ask you a question? What do you see when you look at me?

Will: Um...

EJ: Do you see some, uh... heartless bastard, some... [Sighs] Some chip off the old block who just takes whatever he wants? That--is that what you see?

Will: No.

EJ: Well, you should, 'cause that's who I am. That's who I have to be.

Nicole: You think this is an act? That I'm terrified, that I'm desperate?

Daniel: That you need my help? Isn't it? I mean, just a little bit.

Nicole: Who twisted your I.V. bag this morning?

Nicole: So if I admit that I played you just a little--and I am not saying that I did--you wouldn't--you wouldn't be mad?

Daniel: I'd be a lot of things...but no, you know what, I think I'd actually be happy to hear it.

Nicole: No. In fact, it felt liberating to get my chest.

Daniel: Well, there's one more thing we need to get off your chest.

Nicole: What's that?

Daniel: This little act of yours, did it officially end before or after we kissed?

Nicole: Only slightly true, okay? And now you're implying that I used sex too.

Daniel: No, no, no, not sex. Did I say sex? A kiss.

Nicole: Same thing.

Daniel: Oh, not where I come from, sweetheart. And if that qualifies as your idea of sex--

Nicole: If you knew what qualified as my idea of sex, your head would explode.

Nicole: You've painted me out to be this seductive manipulator. Where does that leave you, completely innocent? Please. Sporting the white coat and all.

Daniel: Well, you know, really, it's just a uniform. I could take it off if that helps; does that help?

Nicole: Well, that's interesting, offering to disrobe as a deflection. Thank you.

Nicole: You are not innocent here either, Doctor. You have a past too. Should I name them? Chelsea, Kate, Chloe--

Daniel: All right, all right, all right, you got--oh, yeah, sure, okay, I'm sure there's a point to this--

Nicole: Would you like me to spell it out for you?

Daniel: Small words, please. Spell it.

Will: Um...Rafe, Grandpa, and some other guy.

EJ: Well, don't be rude, William. Let them in.

Roman: Will, what the hell are you doing here?

Rafe: I thought you were fired.

Will: Oh, yeah, I was, actually, but then we talked after EJ posted my bail, and I'm back. Come on in.

EJ: I don't see any wagons circling, Detective, and I have absolutely nothing to hide.

Roman: Wow, if Stefano could hear you now. A DiMera with nothing to hide? Hell has frozen over.

Nicole: Okay, then you tell me, in a showdown between the tramp and the manwhore, who's gonna come out on top?

Daniel: Wow, did you just call me a manwhore?

Kate: I wish that was true. You see, I know what it's like to have feelings for another man, and I also know the damage it can cause, and I am not going to let you do that to my son. Not again. You almost destroyed him when you had an affair with mike Horton, do you remember that?

Carrie: I'm not having an affair with Rafe, okay? I couldn't. I'm not that girl anymore.

Kate: You see, that's where you're wrong. You are that girl, Carrie. You always will be.

Spencer: Perhaps you're forgetting, Mr. Mayor, that you're still a prime suspect in this case.

EJ: According to who? These monkeys? The same two who thought that William here was the prime suspect 24 hours ago. If you've just come here to irritate me, I suggest you leave.

Nicole: Looks like our cards are on the table.

Daniel: It appears so.

Nicole: Mm-hmm. Well, I'm no saint, but it turns out, in spite of the white coat, neither are you.

Nicole: Then what am I to you?

Daniel: Well, I think of you more as a, um... co-conspirator.

Rafe: Yeah, well, guilty or not, I just hope that will sees EJ for who and what he really is...before it's too late.

EJ: My father died in this house--in this house! Coming here...accusing me of this, accusing me of that.

Carrie: Kate, I am committed to my marriage to Austin. Wh--what do you want from me?

Kate: I just want you to stay in the right bed. Then we won't have a problem.

Carrie: This really is none of your business. You do know that, right?

Kate: I know that I've heard excuses, and I've heard denials, and I've heard you say how committed you are to my son, but I have never once heard you say that you're in love with him. I've had my sons torn apart by the Brady girls before, and I am not going to sit by idly and let it happen again.

Nicole: I get it. Live to save lives.

Daniel: Yeah, you're never more alive than when you're close to death. I'll see you again.

Roman: Yeah, if we're lucky.

Rafe: Yeah, and hopefully that mistake's gonna tell us exactly why he murdered his father.

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