Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 6/14/12

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Thursday 6/14/12


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Ian: Your maid told me you were here. I'm very sorry--

EJ: If you're looking for my father's remains, you're too late. They're on a plane back to Italy.

Chad: You hated my father!

Melanie: Come on, everybody did. I'm sorry. I'm sorry, but it's true. The paper says they have a whole bunch of suspects.

Madison: No, I'm sure that you don't, and I'm-- I'm not quite sure why I feel so compelled to warn you... except you are the only reason that I'm finally free of him. Look, woman-to-woman, he's just not the man that you think he is.

Kate: Okay, Madison, I know him a lot better than you realize.

Madison: I'm sure you do. I'm sure that you think you do. Look, I know about Stefano DiMera. I know about his reputation. He--he brainwashed people. He murdered them.

Kate: Actually, he never murdered them.

Kate: Well, you know, it really doesn't matter how we spin it. Brady's the one who has to make the apology.

Brady: Well, Kate, for once... we do agree on something.

Ian: I see the apple does not fall far from the tree.

EJ: Farther than you might think.

Melanie: Look, I know you're going through the hardest thing anybody could ever go through, but I kind of know how will feels.

Chad: Oh, yeah, and how is that?

Melanie: Because I went through the same thing... only it was a little worse because I was accused of killing my own father. And I was innocent.

Melanie: Wow. I made it very clear I never wished your dad was dead.

Chad: Well, now that he is, it kind of works out for you, doesn't it?

EJ: William, I took care of your bail. It's not up to me to get you off.

Will: But I can't do your dirty work if I'm in jail.

EJ: Then I hope you're innocent.

EJ: Are you looking to get yourself implicated?

Will: No. I'm-- I'm playing district attorney. And I haven't even gotten to the part where I failed, uh, the test for gunpowder residue.

EJ: [Laughing] I know. Can you imagine? How incredibly unfortunate--you happened to fire a gun on exactly the sa-- [Laughing] Same night. I'm sorry.

Madison: Brady, listen, I just... I promised myself that if I ever got free of Ian... I wouldn't go into another marriage that was a mistake.

Brady: We're not a mistake. We are not a mistake. And I will do whatever I have to do to prove that to you. I will take drug tests. I'll take ten of 'em, okay? I'll take--I'll take 'em right now if I--this protein-- this is the only thing that I drink. It's the strongest thing I have. Plea--will you just-- please, please... please don't give up on us, okay?

EJ: Really? Your thoughts, William, don't mean much to me.

Will: Yeah, but this one might. I kept going back to how you were saying that you know I didn't kill Stefano. You know. And what I came up with was, um, maybe that's because you did.

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