Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 6/5/12

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 6/5/12


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Martine: Hard to believe, isn't it, sir?

Roman: That Stefano DiMera is dead? Well, part of me always thought it was a matter of time before somebody killed that bastard, but another part of me thought maybe he was just too damn mean to die. So, Officer, are you my shadow today?

Martine: Isn't Abe Carver married to DiMera's daughter, Lexie?

Roman: Yeah, but he's not the only suspect with close ties to the murder victim. Victim. I never thought I'd use that word to describe Stefano DiMera. His life's work was making victims of everybody else.

Martine: Well, looks like one of those victims turned the tables on him in a big way.

Roman: Yeah, which takes us to the next suspect we're gonna focus on. Somebody I cared about once, very much. Kate Roberts-DiMera.

Martine: Let me guess, your former son-in-law?

Roman: Yep. His son. Chip off the old block. Our honorable mayor, EJ DiMera.

EJ: Yeah. It was sudden.

Sami: I mean... I guess I just...think about all the enemies that he's built up over the years. You's just amazing that someone...finally got to him. They actually did it. 'Course, he is the phoenix. Are you sure he's really dead?

Ian: Well, it must be quite a shock; such a great part of your life. But when you think about what he was doing to you, you must also be relieved.

Kate: I know he was never going to stop coming after me, he was never going to stop punishing me for failing his stupid loyalty test. The test I failed because I let you into my life.

Kate: Well, being dead, that's not gonna stop him.

Ian: From the grave? No man cheats death. Not even Stefano DiMera.

Kate: That's where you're wrong. Unfortunately, that's where you're wrong.

Roman: Lexie, look, I understand how you feel. All right? And the Abe carver I've known all these years, obviously would not murder a man. But I still gotta know, how in the hell did your gun end up down there in the first place?

Abe: Because I went over there last night.

Lexie: What?

Abe: And I threatened him.

Roman: Well, what the hell happened, then? I mean, what? You just left the gun?

Abe: I can explain it.

Roman: Hey, Theo, how you doing, man? Your dad and I are just talking about some city business.

Theo: But he's not mayor anymore.

Roman: No, he's not, but he's still one of the smartest men in town.

Sami: Well, I mean, you gotta admit half of Salem probably had wanted him dead at one time or another. Myself included. I'm not even the only person in this room who wanted him dead.

EJ: What exactly do you mean by that?

Sami: EJ, I know how you felt about your dad, but you gotta admit, even just recently you've had a million reasons to want him gone.

Abe: I had this twisted fantasy that if I-if I left the gun right there in front of Stefano, he would pick it up and use it on himself.

Roman: Well, looks like somebody beat him to it.

Kate: You know just because the papers and the police say that Stefano... was murdered, it doesn't...mean that he's really dead. He's been dead and un-dead so many times that I can hardly count.

Ian: Kate, I'm pretty certain he's dead and he's in hell where he belongs. He'll never be able to hurt you again.

EJ: Okay, fine, yeah, there were times when I wanted my father dead. Come on, look at all the hoops he made me jump through just to prove I was worthy of my last name.

Sami: EJ, you have to know that you were his golden child. I mean, like, in my family, it's Carrie. He loves you most of all.

Sami: That's right, EJ. Now you're head of the DiMera family.

EJ: Samantha, I haven't even thought about being the head of this family. I've spent all of my time recently trying to make amends with my father. This whole situation just comes a complete shock.

Roman: Kate I--

Kate: Why would I murder someone who I am still deeply and desperately in love with?

Kate: I shouldn't have still been in love with Stefano after everything he did to me. But... he was in my heart, and despite all the recent events, he had always been generous to me.

Roman: Well, I don't know if "generous" is the word I'd use.

Kate (about marriage to Bill): Okay, I agree with you. It was not a conventional relationship.

Roman: Nor legal.

Lexie: Yeah, and, um, I mean, most of them have a compelling motive, you know?

Abe: Well, that's part of your father's legacy.

Roman: Your father was murdered last night.

EJ: I think we've established that, thank you.

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