Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 5/23/12

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 5/23/12


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Nicole (to Rafe): Yay! He has risen from the dead!

Nicole: So did you-- did you get rid of the big bad wolf?

Rafe: Wish I could say we did, but, no. Stefano lives to torment us another day.

Nicole: What? I thought the plan was to put him away for good.

Rafe: ... Kind of backfired. Not only is Stefano free, but he's now being hailed as a hero by none other than the CIA.

Nicole: Please tell me that is a crappy joke.

Rafe: Do I look like I'm joking?

Marlena (about Stefano): And the audacity of calling it justice at work. What justice is that? Is the man ever going to be punished?

Shane: Apparently, DiMera's work with the CIA helped roll up some pretty major arms rings, saved thousands of lives. And they are, and I quote, "indebted to him for his hard work."

Bo: Oh, my-- [Chuckles] The one time in his life he's on the side of the good guys.

Nicole: She's the complete opposite of her evil little sister. Sorry, it's true, right? Come on. Oh, my goodness. Sami is gonna freak out when she finds out that you and Carrie are really together. And you know what? If you happen to be there when all that happens, make sure you take notes, videos, pictures, because I want to see everything.

Rafe: You're bad, you know that?

Hope: Perfect. We just gave Stefano the best anniversary present he ever could have hoped for.

Marlena: Anniversary?

Hope: 30 years ago this month, he began his reign of terror in Salem.

Celeste: Stefano has more lives than an alley cat.

John: The old man's made it his life's work to destroy all of us.

Bo: Well, bright side-- he hasn't accomplished that yet.

John: Yeah, Bo, but this year is still young.

Bo: If it were up to DiMera, we'd all be dead

Nicole: Maybe I should call her "Saint Carrie."

Rafe: Yeah, I don't think that's necessary.

Nicole: Why not? Persimmon is a completely neutral color. Besides, babies don't care what they're wearing.

Rafe: I thought you were trying not to ruin his life.

Nicole: You are being kind of pushy there, Rafey-poo. He could very well be a she.

Rafe: Well, whatever. I don't think she's gonna want to wear that either.

John: My entire existence-- nothing but a game to DiMera. I was just his pawn. Well, never again. I'm tired of it.

Shane: How tired exactly?

John: I am tired enough that I'm ready to do anything to get him out of our lives. And I do mean anything.

Austin: Carrie, I am so happy. Everybody... everybody, drinks on the house! Ow! I'm having a baby! We're having a baby!

Abe: All bets are off once-- I am going to make sure... that my wife is the last of Stefano DiMera's victims.

Roman: [Sighs] Abe said he wanted to kill Stefano. I'm not sure it was an idle threat.

Shane: What, you're not saying-- you don't think Abe carver's capable of murder, do you?

Roman: Of the man who he believes caused the death of his wife? You bet I do.

Marlena: I've got such a bad feeling... as though Stefano was planning something... so horrible... so cruel that this time somebody really is going to die.

Marlena: I just can't help but think after today that Stefano is somehow invincible. We threw everything at him. He walked away unscathed. ... Maybe he really is not stoppable.

Bo: If he is stopped, it will not be because of our judicial system.

John: That kind of narrows down our options, doesn't it?


John: I'm just saying that we're out of options. We're just gonna have to take care of DiMera ourselves.

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