Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 5/22/12

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Tuesday 5/22/12


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Lucas: It's dinner. But it's kind of turned into a mini Chernobyl.

Sami: Why did you decide to try out for next Iron Chef in my kitchen?

Marlena: [Laughing] I don't think I've had so many people looking at me since-- I don't know. Well, I feel like a Kardashian.

Hope: Kardashian?

Marlena: Yeah, just taller and blonder, but still pretty famous.

Marlena: Yeah, Stefano never goes to jail. He just never, ever does.

Hope: But you know what? Dreams do come true. As great as that moment was, seeing the jail door slammed in Stefano's face... I can't wait till all of this is behind us and we can get on with our lives finally.

Stefano: The hows and whys are not important. The important thing is I will be here when you need me.

John: You're not going anywhere. Just because some misguided CIA agent walks in here doesn't mean you're gonna walk.

Bo: You haven't seen the evidence.

Newman: The evidence is immaterial. As far as the U.S. government is concerned, Stefano DiMera is as pure as the driven snow.

Abe: Congratulations on bringing down my father-in-law. You know, if I was still mayor, I would declare today a local holiday.

Rafe: Well, thanks. I think we all have some celebrating to do, don't we?

Stefano: I have been doing this for several months. Now, if the I.S.A. would talk to the CIA a little more often, this would not be such a shock.

EJ: So you're expecting us to believe that you're some kind of patriot, are you?

Stefano: Well, commissioner, now that you've calmed down the wild beast, uh, I don't know if you remember or not, but we were talking about taking these off, because they're really uncomfortable. I mean, do you mind?

Roman: Sorry, Lexie, not yet. And those handcuffs are staying right where they are. Nobody's going anywhere until I get more reliable answers than I've heard from agent whoever-the-hell-he-is. And you don't come in here waving credentials around and walk out with a legally arrested suspect. I don't give a damn what kind of badge you're sporting.

Lucas: ... After all, you and EJ being together is the reason this whole mess got started.

Sami: Which mess are you referring to? There have been so many.

Hope: I don't know. Let's stay positive.

Marlena: Okay. I positively think we should call and see what's going on.

Sami: I was picturing losing you... and Will. [Sighs] Lucas, I know I'm my own worst enemy.

Lucas: You? Samantha Brady, worst enemy? No, come on.

Sami: You, me working together, we can make anything happen--mergers, breakups, revenge.

Lucas: Crock-pot meals? All right, let's party on.

Stefano: You want to know why you are so angry? Because you have been caught with your pants off. That's why. I ought to sue all of you for false arrest. But I have things in my mind that are much more important. My daughter--she is sick. I mean, she is very sick. Can't you see that? Can't you see what this is doing to her? She needs her father. So all I'm asking of you is... [Sighs] Admit your mistakes and let me go. So take these off of me. Give me some justice.

Marlena: Justice? If you were given death row for what you've done to us, that wouldn't even be justice. But it would be... a start.

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