Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 5/16/12

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 5/16/12


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Kate: Mm-hmm, so you keep saying. But I don't remember you ever being so magnanimous.

Ian: Yes, but what you are forgetting is since I've reunited with you and I'm madly in love, haven't you noticed, you bring out the kinder, gentler Ian?

EJ: Hey, Nicole, just... I come bearing gifts. [High-pitched] Hello. I'm a chocolate bacon cupcake. Please let me in.

Nicole: Okay, that just bought you five minutes.

Bo: The ISA learned that an international arms dealer by the name of Vladimir Nevsky just happened to be in town.

Rafe: Huh. Oh, gee, I wonder who he's here to visit.

Will: This isn't actually how I wanted to tell you guys, but... well, you should know that--that it's the truth that I'm gay. Hello? You, say something? Like, you can say "I accept it," "I hate it," or whatever. Can you...just say... something, though?

Sami: I don't understand. Why would you say that you're gay?

Hope: I hate that most of Salem thinks we died in that explosion. But this ruse is already starting to pay off. I mean, Stefano never would have risked having Nevsky come to Salem if he knew we were alive, watching his every move.

John: I can't believe I'm even gonna say this, but I'm feeling pretty confident that if we can catch him red-handed, we have got ourselves an airtight case.

Kate: Brady, I have to say, what is that putrid slime you're drinking?

Madison: It's disgusting, isn't it?

Bo: You know, not all of us need to go.

Hope: What? No, no, no. Wait, don't. Don't do that, okay? Don't insult me by asking me to stay here while-- you're the one who's still recuperating. I want to bring DiMera down as much as you do.

Nicole: I mean, 'cause, you know, no judgment from me. I've been depressingly sober since I found out about the baby, you know, so it's--I mean, it's--

Brady: Right, all I got going on--here's what I'm doing today. I got a meeting with some blowhard fashion editor in there, okay? But I'm thinking about having a couple of pops afterwards because that's the only way I'm gonna get through this day, all right? There he is. They're all in there. My party. Gotta go. I'll see you later, okay?

Vladimir: Ah. And I'm sure you must have also heard that I already have a buyer for what you want.

John: Well, I wouldn't waste your time if I didn't think I was offering something much more substantial than the competition.

Brady: Hello. Listen, you are gonna love this product line so much. I swear to God, you are gonna love it. It's gonna blow your ever-lovin' mind.

Serge: Hmm?

EJ: You know that's not the case. Darling, um, if poor mothering made children gay, then all off Kate's children would be running around waving rainbow flags at pride festivals. Right?

Sami: You're right.

Brady: Whoa, whoa, sorry. Hey, oh! It's--it's a party now. It's a party. He can handle a little water. He's a big boy.

Serge: I can, but this jacket can't.

Brady: Yes, it can. Hey, I'm gonna buy you 18 of those jackets after the profits from this deal come through. Anyway, don't worry about it.

Serge: You don't need to buy another one. This is a one-of-a-kind jacket made specially for me by the designer--

Brady: [Imitates accent] Designer. Okay, we'll ask the designer to get you another one.

Sami: Because I was shocked. Okay, I should have known. You're right, I should have known, and I can't believe I didn't know and then I just couldn't--I couldn't stand there and face the fact that I was failing him again.

EJ: So your--your solution to this is to abandon him when he feels most vulnerable.

Lucas: When I found out that you were my son, it was--it was the best day of my life. Really, it was the best thing that's every happened to me, but I mean, I gotta be honest with you... I didn't say to myself, "Gee, I hope my son grows up to be gay." I didn't say that. It's just--it's just not the kind of life I expected for you.

Will: Honestly, I had not expected it either, but it's just the hand I've been dealt. You and I have to learn that I can be happy playing it. That my life can be just as full and just as crappy as any straight person's.

Lucas: Exactly, that's exactly what I want for you.

Will: Okay. Thanks. You know, it's taken me way too long, but I can finally say that I'm okay with me being gay. Can you?

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