Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 5/11/12

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Friday 5/11/12


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Will (to Sami): Are you kidding me? First Dad and now EJ? Oh, my God! Who's next?

Marlena: Good. Last night, you wanted blood.

John: Well, Doc, all I know for sure is that this is the end of DiMera, whether we put him behind bars or six feet under.

Marlena: Wouldn't that be lovely?

Shane: Billie, how's the ISA's most beautiful agent this morning?

Billie: Well, she's curious. Why the increased security?

Billie: Let's make sure that you stay that way. Shane, amped security or not, it's too big of a risk to have them here right now. If Stefano finds out that they were not killed in that explosion, it's over. He will make sure that they all die for real next time.

EJ: We had a food fight. Cause unknown.

Sami: Yes, well, so there's a pigsty, and I wanted to clean it up before I got dressed.

Will: Really? What does my dad think about you, um, spending so much time with his daughter?

EJ: Um, I don't know. Maybe you should ask him. I don't care how much time he spends with Allie.

Billie: Right before I came back to Salem. My cover was working with my mom at Countess W. Before it went south with her and Stefano, I was living at the mansion, looking for inside intel.

Shane: We're hoping to use what Billie found to connect the dots, and help you guys, the-- the living dead, nail Stefano before he finds out you're alive.

Billie: What did I find at Stefano's? A bill of sale for arms and weapons.

Hope: You gotta be kidding me.

Shane: Oh, Stefano DiMera, arms dealer? That was nowhere on the agency's radar.

Hope: No, what surprises me is that Stefano left a paper trail.

Billie: No. After talking with EJ, he is clueless about Stefano and his dealings.

Hope: Which dealings?

Will: Why, thank you. But, honestly, my mom doesn't care. She was mean and nasty to everybody who died.

EJ: Yeah, I'm sure she regrets it.

Will: Oh, yeah, I mean, I felt sorry for her until she opened her mouth. Then I got over it.

EJ: Right, well... on that dysfunctional note, I will be leaving.

Sami: You know, you could try talking to me.

Will: [Laughs] No offense, Mom, you're the last person I'd go to for advice.

John: DiMera really tried to kill us this time, Doc. Don't you see? He's through with toying with us, with just trying to make our lives a living hell. He is determined to see us dead.

Marlena: John--

John: We can't take our lives back until he's gone. And if the agency can't do it, by God, I will.

Sami: Come on, I can be a better mother to you.

Will: Oh, shoot. Oh, look at the time, it's, uh-- well, it's too late for that.

Sami: Will, stop-- stop it, please..... I will always be your mother. And I don't care what you say, or how you treat me, I will always love you. And I'm just asking for you to give me a chance.

EJ: You know, William, your mother is right.

Will: That's something you don't hear every day.

EJ: Good. Now I'll go and see if I can solve the crisis between North and South Korea. In the meantime, William, we have some business to attend to.

Will: Okay.

Sami: What kind of business?

EJ: None of your business.

Sami: Really? I just wanna make sure you don't get him in trouble.

Will: Really? Mom, this is why we can't even talk about the weather, you kn--

Sami: I am working independently, okay? I am running that company by myself.

Will: Oh, really? Countess W? That could be a front for-- for drug running, for money laundering. You know what? Give me a call from jail. I'll--I'll be nice. I'll pay for the charges.

Sami: You work with EJ, and you're the one who's gonna end up in prison, Will.

Sami: What did you do?

Will: Well, I shot him at his wedding to you, Mom. Dad didn't shoot him. I shot him.

Sami: Look, Will, you have to understand that he didn't do any of that to actually help you. EJ had his own motives for everything that he did.

EJ: Okay, listen, Samantha, look. We all make mistakes, right? So don't fume. Our little opera turned out fine. Lucas survived. I've survived, just about. And William and I now have this wonderful working relationship. Don't we, William?

Sami: So you blackmailed him into working for you?

EJ: Samantha, your son tried to blackmail me. I just responded in kind.

Billie: I guarantee EJ's on his way. Now I just have to give him the bait and see if he bites.

Sami: No, I can't relax. How dare he blackmail you?

Will: I blackmailed him first. And how many people have you blackmailed, by the way?

Sami: I want what is best for you.

Will: No, you don't. [Laughs] And even if you did, I mean, whoa, great. Because working for EJ is honestly the best thing that's ever happened to me. So, no, I'm not about to quit.

Marlena: I despise him, too, with every breath I take. But, try as he might, for as long as he has, we're still here. And we are still together. Don't let him change that.

John: Never.

Will: I don't care what you want. It's an amazing job. I have a--I have a car. I have an apartment. He pays really well.

Sami: You know, you're not gonna need money when you end up in prison, or dead in a back alley somewhere.

Will: Oh, my God, give me a break, seriously. It's my dream job, Mom. I love the perks. I love the power.

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