Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 5/9/12

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 5/9/12


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Kayla: You know, everything I know about Stefano...everything he's done to my family and to me and Steve...I can't believe that he would just kill everybody.

Victor: Well, believe it, 'cause it's true. And you can believe this-- that S.O.B.'s gonna pay for what he's done.

Will: Your conscience bothering you? Are you surprised to see me?

Stefano: No. I knew it was only a matter of time until you come busting in here.

Roman: Yeah, I know we do. But it is gonna be hard... when those people who love them go through hell and not tell them the truth. That nobody's dead. This is all a game.

Shane: A game? This isn't a game, Roman, and you know it. If anyone--anyone finds out those people are not dead, then their lives will be in danger. And Bo, Hope, Marlena, John, Rafe, and your daughter... they'll all be in danger too.

Maggie: And I'm not asking you to. But right now we are here to remember and to celebrate the time that we had with them.

Victor: Fine. I'll go after him tomorrow.

Victor: I've been waiting 30 years for the police to handle DiMera, and look what that's gotten me.

Victor: This is not over. I'll bury my son...and his wife. And then I'm gonna go after DiMera with everything I've got.

Chad: You ever heard of innocent until proven guilty?

Victor: I know he's guilty. And I know what I'm gonna do, and if you know what's good for you, you'll keep your distance from that father of yours. Otherwise, your picture's liable to end up on that bar.

Stefano: Oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy, oh, boy. The classic Brady reaction. Something goes wrong... must be my fault.

Will: Something goes wrong? I think that's an understatement. Six people are dead. And their blood is on your hands.

Will: Don't lie to me! What about Ciara, huh, or do you not care her parents are dead?

Stefano: Listen, you want me to kill you right here on this spot, huh? I had nothing to do with that. And don't you raise your voice with me.

Stefano: Of course, he didn't. I did not plan anything because I did not do anything.

Will: And that's true because I have your word on it. The word of a sick, small man who doesn't deserve to be alive. And if there's anything I can do to help you with that... I promise you I will.

Chad: Well, he can't threaten me or my family.

Melanie: I know, okay, but pretty much everybody in this room--hey--thinks your dad killed six innocent people. So they wouldn't be human if they didn't feel this way.

Brady: Until the last time, this last time when we were together and we were working together. It was different. Before, when we used to fight, he'd get very dogmatic and very paternal with me. That drove me crazy. But this time when we'd have a disagreement or we'd come to a head, he would look at me and I would look at him and we would laugh. We would laugh at each other, you know, like two people... it was like I was...I was really getting to know him.

Madison: I know, but Brady what you do have-- and it's not nothing-- what you have is that you and your father knew that you loved each other. No one can ever take that away from you.

EJ: I do hope you're not lying to me, William. Because if you are...I will find out.

Will: Shut up. I lost six people I love, and you're gonna hit me with DiMera mind games? If you wanna satisfy your paranoia, ask your father.

EJ: You say that, but your actions speak rather differently, Father. Teach me everything you know... and then just--whoosh--cast me aside.

Stefano: Clearly, I didn't teach you everything I know.

EJ: Ah. Maybe it's for the best, huh? I mean, to be loved by you... seems to be somewhat of a death sentence, doesn't it? Let's see--who do we have? Benjy, Tony, Marlena. Alexandra. I think I'm lucky I got out when I did.

Kayla:  Um...everybody who wrote those letters...and all of you that are here... you're all so lucky to know and love my brother. And Hope. And John and Marlena. And Rafe and Carrie. The Irish think the way to get through losing someone you love is to share the memories with the other people who loved them... that it's a tribute to the ones we love to, uh, not let the sorrow erase the joy... or silence the laughter. We have all been through so much together-- good times and too many bad. But the thing I always remember the the laughter. That, to me, is the sound of love.

Gabi:  I never thought Rafe had better things to do than pick up his cranky little sister. Because he acted like I was all that mattered. And that never changed.  I wish I had the chance to tell him that...when he picked me up from soccer... that was the best part of my day too.

Victor: Kayla, Roman, I'd like you to tell your mother this. I love my son. I love that he was strong and defiant, unafraid. He was gentle with his children, and he was very understanding with old fools like me. I loved his righteous anger and his warm, warm heart. And I realize that all the things that I liked about him and loved about him were because he grew up right here. With Caroline, Shawn... in this family. You tell her that. You tell her she did one hell of a job.

Jennifer: And all of you, you all know Hope, she talks with her hands like this, you know... that was just Hope. She's so strong and... so, so courageous. She--she made the impossible...seem possible.  And she was my very best friend. She made me feel like I could do anything.  But I can't. I can't really do this. I can't say good-bye to her.

Austin: You know, a lot of people will tell you it's a bad idea... to get married so young. You don't stay that kid forever. You change. She changes. You become different people.

Will: So one day I'd come in here and she'd be talking to some guy in like a suit about the bears' defense. And then, uh, another day I'd come in, and she's talking to some pierced girl about grunge bands. I'm like, "how does she know what grunge bands are? She's supposed to be too old for that."  And also I was like, "how does she, you know, how does she have so many friends?" Uh... But she did. And I've been thinking a lot about that, and I think it's because she's always--my grandmother's always trying to, um, you know, figure out who you really are. And she never tells you who you should be.

Brady: My dad was a...was a role model to so many. Not like the man didn't make mistakes. He--he made many mistakes. We all do. I know I-I have. It's the way in which he handled them. He owned them, he...he took responsibility for his mistakes. And not a lot of people do that. Hardly anybody does that anymore. And he always tried to do what was right. Always. I wish I had a little bit of-- more of that in me. But now that he's gone, I'm gonna try to live my life in a way in which he would be very proud of. So, uh, from now on I'm a cubs fan.

Sami: It's no secret that, um, things were... difficult between me and my mom. I never made it easy for her. I never made it easy for her to love me, but she did. ... She, um, she let me know that no matter what, she would always have her arms open and... ready for me. Anyway... I just, ... wanna say that, uh, I'd give anything to have another chance for her to put her arms around me.

Stefano: Ah... what are we doing here?

EJ: There's a wake going on there.

Stefano: Do you think that I would be welcome in there?

EJ: No, I do not.

EJ: But I wanted you to see what you've done... the people that you've hurt, the pain that you have caused.

Stefano: Since when have you become so damned sanctimonious?

Maggie: They'll always be here with us... watching over all of us from heaven.

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