Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 5/2/12

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 5/2/12


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Stefano: Wha-- where did you find that?

EJ: Where you hid it. So this is what you were trying to tell me earlier. This is what was so...hard to say.

Lucas: Yeah. Just one more little clarification here before we get started. I work, uh, with you, right? I don't work for you. That's correct?

Sami: Right. Of course. We make a good team.

Kate: Well, to put it bluntly, Stefano has recently unceremoniously dumped me. And please don't-- don't say I told you so.

Roman: I wouldn't do that. Are you okay?

Kate: Actually not. When he exiled me from his life, he also stripped me of control of my company, handed it to Sami, and rendered my daughter and my son unemployed.

Lucas: I don't know. Let's see, let's see here. She's selfish, she's impulsive, quick to judge, even quicker to get angry about just about anything... and pretty much unforgiving. I don't know, Sami, you tell me.

Sami: Why are we quibbling over semantics?

John: Well, folks, we are obviously being jammed.

Carrie: Okay, so we can't communicate with the outside world, and we're trapped in here, and we can't tell anyone about this bomb that someone could just set off and kill us all, right? It's the little things in life that make me smile.

EJ: So if I'm not your son, that means I'm not an American. And Chad's not my brother. And Lexie's not my sister. Wow. I really am on my own.

Stefano: Oh, God. I raised Tony from the time he was an infant. You and he--two totally different cases. Elvis, he's gone. And he was taken from me way, way... before I had to worry about my own mortality. [Sighs]

EJ: I don't really care what kind of rose-colored glasses you decide to wear to view your relationship with Tony.

Kate: Why would I bother to do that? She's gonna dig her own grave anyway.

Lucas: And you brought the shovel so she can start digging, right?

Stefano: Elvis... do not tell anyone the truth. I'll take care of it in my own time, in my own way. Understand?

EJ: Yes, sir, Mr. DiMera. I understand perfectly.

Stefano: Oh, my dear God.

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