Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 4/18/12

Days of Our Lives Best Lines Wednesday 4/18/12


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EJ: You know what? You're welcome to your opinions about Samantha, but if I were you, I wouldn't focus on her. She's not your enemy. She's the beneficiary of your rather spectacular fall from my father's graces.

Kate: Oh, my god. She's not my enemy? After the lies, and the betrayals...

EJ: Oh, come on. Pot, kettle, black, mummy.

Rafe: (about Carrie) And besides, she's trying to work things out with her husband. Now what kind of person would I be if I came in between them, hmm?

Nicole: Off the top of my head, I don't know, a person like me?

Cameron: (Abby was choking on popcorn but denies it when Cameron comes to her rescue) You know, usually when I save someone's life, they start with "thanks," and then move on to other stuff from there.

Rafe: (about Carrie and Austin) I don't know. It's kind of interesting to watch them try and buck the trend and stay married.

Nicole: Uhh! Stay married? I'm sorry, how do you do that?

Abigail: (about Cameron) I mean, he didn't even give me two seconds to recover from almost choking to death before he was all over me for not even saying thank you. I mean, that is ridiculous.

Melanie: Okay, Abby...ahem. I have actually seen you say thank you to an automatic door.

Melanie: Hmm. So you don't really deserve to have a cute guy going after you, yeah? I mean, so you would rather him think you're just a big pain in the butt, so he would stay away and you can end up alone and miserable, which is exactly what you deserve?

Abigail: Wow. It's so great being friends with Anna Freud.

Nicole: (arriving at the movie in the town square) Oh, they're at the old "we're apart and unhappy" montage.

Rafe: The what?

Nicole: Oh, come on. It's--it's been a rule since it happened one night. You know, 9/10 of the way through the movie, they split up, they go back to their former worlds, and they find out it's empty and cold.

Rafe: Oh, so I'm in the montage part of my life right now.

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